Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to do Zombie Makeup: A Sexy Zombie tutorial

For my 100th post I will return to a favorite subject of mine, ZOMBIES! ZombieCon 2011 is swiftly approaching. The key to any great zombie costume whether is a Cheerlead Zombie or Pirate Zombie is good bloody makeup. I have put together a little tutorial to help you out!

Face paint (I use Mehron creme paint but you can use any kind!) Red, Black, White, Green or Blue
Makeup Sponges (I used CVS Essence of Beauty brand $3.89 pack of 32)
Bloody Scab (Can be found at most costume stores and Ricky's)
Eyeshadow & Makeup brushes
Fake Eyelashes

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sock Monkey Costumes

Sock monkeys are a strange crafty icon that just won't go away right? They are cute and quirky and maybe your Grandma made one for you.
I just stumbled across this video from (What a domain name score!) which combines a silly video of a guy in a Sock Monkey costume with the song
Brass Monkey by my beloved Beastie Boys! It's like the know me!
Anyway its funny and shows how you might need this costume to have a great Halloween. Click here to enjoy. Hope you are compelled to dance around your bedroom like I was. Brass Monkey... That funky Monkey!