Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kostume Kult presents Horned Ball 10: Red Planet 4.4.14

Kostume Kult Presents
A Retro-Futuristic Martian Fantasy-Scape

CREDITS: Collaged elements from Boris Vallejo, Joe Jusko and
John Carter of Mars & Jane Fonda 

A place of lost legends, the 5th planet once teemed with strange life
and great civilization.  Our galaxy's first eden which came of age
whilst earth wriggled with earliest life.  An alien place where
intelligent beings mixed with savage, horned beasts.  Aqueducts
crisscrossed the surface while cave cities grew underground.
Some believe that life still remains... Biding its time.

In the tradition of artists Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Joe Jusko
and others, this year we present a place of otherworldly evolution,
fierce costumery and unapologetic hotness. In this lesser gravity --
jump higher, dance harder and last longer. It's the 10th Annual
Horned Ball and the countdown is on...

Friday, 4.4.14
9pm to 5am

96 Lafayette Street
Betw. Walker and White
Tribeca, NYC

Buy Online
Presale Tiers: $20 / $25 / $30
Door $40/stylish, $50 normal

ART THEME: Barbarella Safari, Extra Terrestrial Evolution, Buff Warrior,
Arrakis Spicey, Alien Tribal, Future Punk and ANYTHING IN
HORNS! Heinlein, Bradbury, John Carter and HG Wells will be in


DJs on two floors with top sound systems:
ShOOey (Space Cowboys)
Boris Burning Elf (Kostume Kult/ TOAD)
Groovecreator (Ph Recordings)
Milk (Kostume Kult/Geoxie United)
More TBA soon

VJs Krunch and Metal Tiger

ART & ACTIVITIES:  Got Art or a Crazy Idea? Please sign up below.

PERFORMANCES:  *Please get involved* with an extra Horny production of
Karaoke Karabret, Hosted by MC Christopher and Featuring Cali
Fornication & Fluffer The Klown.  Perform your best bit, but prepared
to be tickled, tortured and teased by our World Famous Celebrity
Judges.  Sign up below!

To Propose Art or Performances -
To Volunteer - . We need doers, shakers,
carpenters & crafters

Co-Producers Marz & Geoff Shearer
Decor: Gabi McGarvey
Volunteers: Eliza Spear
DJs & Audio Tech - Amanda Wotten & DJ Milk (Geo)

Make your own Malicifant style horns with this video.
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