Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Last minute Halloween Must have Item!

Does your purse ruin the slut factor of you Halloween costume?!
Darn those pesky valuables that you just can't leave the house with out! If only you could store your I.D., Money and phone in a more slutty way!

Introducing The Slutty Wallet!

You heard right.. now available at Ricky's.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Last minute halloween costume- Lucy from Peanuts or Madeline or Alice in Wonderland!

Pumpkins, zombies, skeletons and slutty nurses! I am experiencing a little bit of Halloween burnout. Perhaps starting October 1st was a bit much. Luckily I have the coolest and most artistic friends that are stepping up and helping me blog through the home stretch!

It is my pleasure to welcome back guest blogger Erica Campanella to Kostume Girl's Closet.
She returns with her second costume tutorial contribution! Yay!

Last minute halloween costume- Lucy from Peanuts or Madeline or Alice in Wonderland!
How to make your very own Lucy (from Peanuts) costume. Also could be modified to be Madeline or even Alice.

Good luck!
Love and Rogue Sewing,

Monday, October 21, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - Day 21 More is More

31 Days of Halloween - Day 21
"I thought I'd tone it down a bit this Halloween"

Had to buy this sign when I was visiting Salem cause its so me! 
I can't do a "little bit" of costume. As I've said before my costuming mantra is "More is More!". If you think your costume has too much glitter I think you better add some more. 
Don't be afraid, people! If you think people are going to look at you weird cause your costume is big and awesome than you are at the wrong party! May I suggest going to a Kostume Kult party where your costume can never be too much or too little (heh heh heh). It will change your life. Do it. Now. Just do it. Start with our Halloween party.

Watch and learn. I'm going to turn this awkward wig into a thing of beauty. Stay tuned for updates on my Halloween costume!

Love and wigs,

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween Costume Ideas from the 90s!

31 Days of Halloween - Day 20
90's Costume Ideas

So I put on my 90s Pandora station today as I often do and in between The Cranberries and Primitive Radio Gods I was inspired to make a list of 90s Halloween costume ideas!
If your a person who grew up in the 90s you understand the nostalgia of an episode of Rugrats or a game of Double Dare. Here are some 90s Halloween costume ideas that might inspire you this Halloween.

I loved this movie, if they still showed it on TNT I'd be watching it right now!
The Lone Rangers 
Chester "Chazz", Rex and Pip take a radio station hostage to play their demo tape... hilarity ensues. 
Here's a funny DIY costume guide on how to be Pip in his sleeveless flannel
Although I prefer his Lone Ranger costume.
I ain't farting on no snare drum.
If you bring the water guns as props remember to fill them with hot sauce.
You could also go as they band during their incarceration with orange jumpsuits!

Anarchist Cheerleader from "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video
Entertain Us!
Indulge your secret desire to be a cheerleader without totally selling out your goth 90's roots. Get some red pom poms a black tank top and some red duct tape to make the scarlet letter on your boob.

90s Gwen Stefani
Bindi jews, wacky hair and most importantly mid rifs, crop tops and abs! Cargo pants, a tummy baring shirt and stick on face jewels. Your boy could go as Gavin!

N'Sync - puppet costumes
Listed as one of the oddest choices for music video fashion ever, N'Sync in Bye Bye Bye. If you can find a way to make those strings stick up (wire?) you and your boys can make the ladies swoon or at least laugh all night.

Bye Bye Bye, babe.

Bee Girl from Blind Melon video
She took the whole world on a 4 minute journey with her from lonely weirdo bee to happiest bee at the hive of weirdos in the 1992 Blind Melon video No Rain.
Here's a great DIY costume guide for the Bee Girl by Creative Soul Spectrum. Very easy! Very Cute! Very 90s!
All I can say is that my life is pretty plain..

"I will never let go, Jack." Well ya did Rose. You dropped that frozen Jack-sicle to the bottom of the icey blue sea. Why not do the slightly less obvious approach to this 90s movie and do frozen to death Jack and Survivor Rose. 

Powdered Toast Man
A memorable character with an even more memorable super power from Ren & Stimpy. Actually I don't even remember what his super power was besides the fact that you could fly with him if you clung to his buttocks. Anyway here is a cute guy wearing a very impressive Powdered Toast Man costume.
Leave Everything to Me!

The Fresh Prince
Be prepared to sing "In West Philadelphia, born and raised..." about a million times. 
Ain't no thang but a chicken wing.

Carmen Sandiego
The loot, the warrant, the crook!
The better part of my childhood was spend on the old Apple with the floppy drive playing Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego. In fact that game is the only reason I know the definition of the word spelunking. 

Spice Girls
Group costume! I would love to see a group of guys do this one. So funny!
Tell me what you want..what you really really want!

Here's an awesome list of more 90s costumes.

Love and Flannel,

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween Costume Ideas from 2013 Movies

31 Days of Halloween - Day 19
Costume ideas from 2013 Movies

The zombie kid from Warm Bodies

I didn't see this movie, but it looks cute. I'll add it to my Netflix. Anyway, this is an easy guy costume. Get yourself a red hoodie, zombify it, pale your skin with face paint and carry around some flowers. Those teen zombies are such hopeless romantics.

Spring Breakers
If you and your friends prefer to wear as little clothing as possible, hope you live in a warmer climate! Bright bikinis are in order here but probably most important is the James Franco character with his white guy cornrows, bad sunglasses, grill and loud Hawaiian shirt!

Ryan Gosling in
The Place Beyond the Pines
If we all know one thing to be true, its that ladies love some Ryan Gosling. Am I right ladies?!
Sensitive, Caring, Covered with Tattoos! I'm breaking a sweat just thinking about him. Sigh.

Jackie Robinson in "42"

I enjoyed this movie. Put on your 42, grab a glove and Dodgers Uniform and go for it.

Great Gatsby
Excess, Gold, Art Deco! This is a great group costume opportunity. Men in tuxedos, ladies with cute fringe dresses and headbands. Pop the bubbly and get the party started.

Another good group costume idea.
You get it right?

The Lone Ranger
This could be a couples/best friends costume - Tonto and the Lone Ranger.
Have a dead bird handy? Just strap it to your head and get your partner a white cowboy hat. Critics didn't love this movie and I'm not sure how racially insensitive it is as a costume, but hey I say go for it.

Love and Fake Eyelashes,

Friday, October 18, 2013

Group Costume Ideas - Halloween 2013

People can not get enough of group costumes! Turn up the fun to 11 and dress as a group costume this Halloween. 
Here are some starting point ideas. Run with it, bring props, soundtracks, dance routines!  

Seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)

Ideal for 4 friends but you can always add more people per season. 
To do it yourself, head out to your local inexpensive trendy place (i.e. Forever 21, Rainbow, Strawberry) to find cute outfits in appropriate seasonal colors. Then head to Micheal's Craft Store to decorate them. Since their holiday decorating items are already out you will be able to find snowflakes and autumn leaves as well as spring blooms and sunflowers. All are available in their HUGE fake flower section! Make headpieces with a lightweight basic wreath as a base. Do fun glittery makeup. Have Fun!
Autumn Fairy Wings
Spring Fairy

Bachelorette Party (All Brides Edition)

EASY! Go to the party store, buy all the penis adorned party tiaras you can handle, go out get drunk and scream "whoooo!" all night. People will think you are actually having a bachelorette party. They will ask who the bride and you can all scream "Meeeee bitches!!".

Mean Girls 

You could dress like their regular outfits from the movie poster OR..
One girl does Regina George in her "sabotaged" tank top or halo prom queen.
On Wednesday we wear pink.

Gretchen Wieners in her Santa baby outfit
That is so fetch!
Karen Smith as Sexy Mouse
Cady Heron in her Halloween costume
Why are you dressed so scary?
You get the idea. I love that movie!
Don't forget Janice and Damien!

Marvel Superheros
Spirit pop-up Halloween stores are everywhere! I must admit though they have stepped up their game with some very funny and creative new costumes. One really cute new category  I saw is the "sexy" Marvel hero section. Corsets, tutus and booty shorts adorned with your character of choice! I would LOVE to be Sexy Wolverine sometime, sideburns and all. The Spirit Halloween store pictured is on 6th Ave between 32nd and 3rd street by Herald Square. For more locations visit their directory site

Booty Short WITH CAPE!!

These guys are doing it right.

Last one:
BAD Disney Princesses
Fairytale Mugshot 
Love this idea. Dress as the Disney Princesses then make mugshot signs with your crime written on them. Cute!

As always I encourage you to tap into your creative side, take these ideas and run like crazy with them!

Love and Tutus,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

2013 NYC Village Halloween Parade

31 Days of Halloween - Day 17

2013 NYC Village Halloween Parade

Writing a blog a day is tough work but someones gotta do it.
Today I will just write a short note about the NYC Village Halloween Parade.

The parade is the place to see and be seen in costumes in NYC. Yes, its a complete madhouse and you can't get within 4 people deep of the barriers, but you won't see better people watching anywhere else.

This year the organizers of the NYC Village Halloween Parade are facing a financial crisis due to last years unfortunately timed Hurricane Sandy. They were forced to give all their sponsors their money back since the parade was wiped out by power outages and unsafe weather conditions. That sucks. To try and get the parade back on the street they need to raise $50,000. This is where you come in. If you've enjoyed the parade in the past and want to see it continue being the largest gathering of costumed weirdos this side of the Mississippi than chip in a few dollars. Here is their Kickstarter page.

They are almost there so toss a few nickels into the coffer and put them over their goal!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Kostume Kult presents Sakkrifice on Halloween night 2013

Need a party for Halloween night in NYC?!

On Halloween Night --- Thursday October 31st --- please join a legion of rebellious sheep, righteous rascals and glorious costumers for an all night dance party - a short walk from the NYC Halloween Parade.

Thursday, October 31st
Union Square Ballroom
27 Union Square West at 16th Street
(under Coffee Shop)

Presale tiers: ($20-limited, $25, $30)
More $ at the door (if available)
Cheap drinks all night

DRESS/ THEME: Sacrificial sexiness, virgins, whores, witches, heathens and angry chickens.  Prostrate yourself on the Altar and set your spirit free on the most magical night of the year...  Costumes of any type required... It's Halloween!

DJs spinning happy house and funky-throwback in two rooms featuring:
- Journeyman (Journeys By DJ)
- Konrad Carelli [AudioTactix/KID Recordings]
- Jon Martin
- Boris Burning Elf (Kostume Kult, TOAD)
- DK (Kostume Kult, TOAD)
- Been Jammin'
- Miss Sabado

Vj Krunch &
Sarah Outhwaite

- Ongoing sacrifices by Father Lamberti
- Stake Burning
- Feathered Guillotine
- Boilings
- Stonings!

Kirkworx Dupuis
Liquid Matter NYC


Friday, October 11, 2013

Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

31 Days of Halloween - Day 10

Doing a couples costume can be a fun way to annoy your friends.
Famous Duos are great for couples costumes! Pick your favorite famous twosome and start looking for a big party to show of your sweet costumes at. Here are some ideas for you and your sweetheart.

Simon and Garfunkel:
Definitely go with their Greatest Hits album cover look cause its probably their best known hair combination. If you are a Man/Woman couple I suggest the woman as Simon cause its funnier. Get yourselves some thrift store jackets and a cabby hat. Maybe you hair is big enough to blow out a la Garfunkel.

Check out this couple who totally nailed it. Even the pose!

Party on Wayne! Party on Garth!
Everyones favorite best friend duo from the 90's. Wayne's World is one of my all time favorite movies. So many quotable lines and a kicking soundtrack too! Check out these 2 friends who did it right!

These friends also did an amazing Ab Fab costume. LOOK!

Let's hope theres an Alice Cooper at the bar you go to so you can fall on your knees groveling "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!"

John and Yoko
Fun and no fuss. Long hair and circle glasses are all you really need, well that and Love. Hehe See what I did there?
Make yourself a "War is Over" sign to really drive the point home.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Autumn Affair in Windham, NY is Oct. 12 & 13th

October 12 & 13th 2013 up in the beautiful Catskill mountains will be a special autumn festival hosted by my home town of Windham. Its called the Autumn Affair!

Great for a day trip since the leaves will be at peak colors, come pick out a pumpkin and celebrate not paying $15 for it at Whole Foods in Manhattan! More festival details here.

In related news I will be doing my first craft fair during the Autumn Affair. That's right your very own Kostume Girls Closet will be set up and I'm bringing a little bit of everything! Cute tiny witch hats on headbands, Day of the Dead Sugar Skull masks and full blown wigs and headpieces. I'm very excited to share my over stuffed closet with the people. Just look for me on Main Street next to the Millrock restaurant. Believe me, Main Street is not so big, just take a stroll down the leaf covered slate sidewalks and you will be able to find me. Also I'll be in costume of course!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kirks Folly - Halloween jewelry

31 Days of Halloween - Day 8

Kirks Folly
A friend turned me on to this fabulously unique jewelry site which has the most ornate and fun pieces. Check out their collections. The Halloween Page includes..

Cascading Colorful Sugar Skulls!

Merlin's Pet Dragon!

Bat's over the Moon!

Not only that you can buy Magic Wands which sprinkle Follydust! 
Quite whimsical!