Tuesday, August 11, 2015

KostumeGirl's Burning Man Packing List

The clock is ticking and you need to pack your bin to go to Burning Man!
Don't worry I'm here with my moderate experience of going to the playa to help you.

KostumeGirl's Burning Man Packing List: 

Besides your shade structure which you are hopefully building with some friends to share, this is your home!
To keep my bin relatively light I use a smaller tent. Its 4 person which is fine for me for a week. The tarp is in case of rain or to contain something messy. Remember any paint chips, wood chips, random nails need to be picked up at the end of the week! I use a door mat outside of my tent door to keep my boots on and "try" to keep some dust out. I NEVER step foot inside my tent with dusty boots or shoes on.

Plastic plate

Canteen cup w carabiner (license clear taped to the side optional)
This not a backyard BBQ, nobody brought a cup, spoon, plate for you. Don't bring disposable cause you will have to carry it ALL out with you. You will produce an alarming amount of garbage that way and end up with no room in the car for it during Exodus.
Some people tape a COPY of their license to their cup. All bars at Burning Man check I.D.s (The law is still the law).





Baby wipes

DO NOT THROW BABY WIPES IN THE PORT-O-POTTIES. Anything that is not made by your body does not go in the potty. ANYTHING else gets stuck in the filters of the pump trucks and royally fucks up the whole bathroom situation. Deal with it. 
Power strip
The reason I list "heavy gauge" specifically for extension cords is if your camp has a generator for power you will be wasting power with flimsy household extension cords. Don't cheap out, get the heavy duty outdoor kind. 


Lights for inside tent


Every hour of every day and night at Burning Man there will be someone talking, laughing, blasting music, etc. Thats just how it is. There are NO quiet hours. Someone will think its funny to blast the Sound of Music on the first morning at 7am (happened to me). Tent walls are made of supremely unsound proof nylon. SO pack the big box of ear plugs, ear muffs, Noise canceling hats, Air traffic controller type whatever!



Eye drops
Each day take a little time to take care of your body. Simply spraying my nose with saline and blowing out all the dust make me feel like a new person every time. SPF every day more than once a day. Your body is working much harder to keep you going in this foreign and harsh environment. Replenish your vitamins and electrolytes.

Zip ties

Duct tape

Utility knife

Save your hands the pain of rope burn while tying down your tent. Put on gloves. Bring extras. 

Goggles (3)

Socks lots of socks

Take excellent care of you feet, you will use them more than you thought at the Burn! Bring lots of fresh socks, pack them in zip-loc bags to keep them dust free, treat yourself to a vinegar foot bath every once in a while.
Headlamps are VERY useful. You may arrive in the middle of the night despite your best laid plans. A headlamp will provide hands free light for tent set up.

Finally enough preparedness and time for fun.
Decorations for your bike (pack a bike lock)
Fur coats!
Glow sticks are not good for Burning Man. They mildly work for a few hours end up as trash you have to bring out again. I guess the same could be said for batteries but maybe you have a solar charger! 

My favorite part of the burn.
There are a million different events which are made better with costumes. The Billion Bunny March, The French Maid Brigade, The Unicorn StampedePirate Party, Onesie Monday, etc!  Pack your costumes!
Come to Kostume Kult at 6:45 & Esplanade and we will gift you a costume transformation that you will not soon forget.

and lastly...
Things to NOT pack in your main luggage or shipping container.
Here are things you should bring in your carry on and have readily available.
Identification (not a copy)
1 Dust Mask
Your Actual TICKET
Vehicle pass (needs to be actually stuck to the windshield -not just shown)

1 pair of Goggles

Your first playa outfit! 
Including---- Work Gloves and practical shoes /boots. while some people get right to work "unprotected" its makes things more complicated on what you can help with.

Light - Porto potties are dark...