Monday, December 8, 2014

NYC Santacon is Saturday December 13th 2014

As a veteran of many Santacons past and a featured costumer on Buzzfeed's 31 DIY Costume Ideas to Rock for Santacon (Hint I'm #16), I've watch the event grow and change into the massive happening it is these days. While its loved by participants and hated by neighborhood watches it will go on this year on Saturday December 13th beginning at 10am. Here are a few thoughts on what Santacon was intended to be and how you should NOT behave at Santacon. 

We're all in this together. #dontscroogesantacon
Santacon is a special once a year holiday event. It was not created by a marketing company and never sponsored by a soft drink. It's a social happening. It's a gathering of festive people to share a Christmas experience through costumes and merriment. Santa wants the creative spirit of this event to live on and keep growing forever so do your part to make sure the magic continues.

Don't let the excitement of Santacon get the best of you! Here are a few things to keep in mind as we get ready to celebrate this most special event in Santa's favorite city. Keep your naughty list behavior in check. Your fantastic festive outfit should NOT include a brown paper bag. Remind all the elves in your party that we are here to spread cheer not litter. Children stop believing too early these days and we are Santa's merry representatives. Make the old jolly fellow proud! Pause and think, "What would Santa do?". Kids will want to interact with you. Please engage with them but remember to use kid-friendly language and never elude to the fact that Santa may not be real. While we may act like we are frolicking up in the North Pole we are in fact still very much in the real world, a world that is experiencing real world problems right now. Please follow ALL laws and be kind and respectful to ALL law enforcement and venue security personnel. Santa doesn't need to remind you that bathrooms are the only place you should be relieving yourself at Santacon. A public urination ticket is the ultimate lump of coal in your stocking. Take a break to feed the reindeer! Refuel the sleigh and your stomach as they day goes on. Ho-Ho-Hydrate! Follow these easy guidelines and your Santacon will be the merriest yet!

Think back to the feelings of magic and crazy excitement Christmas brought to you as a child. Santacon is about recapturing the mystery and wonder of Santa you felt when you still believed. Santacon is about playing good old fashioned reindeer games, singing Christmas carols, giving gifts and spreading whimsy. Santacon is a way to kick your holiday cheer up a notch and share the spirit with NYC. So spread the joy and enjoy all the smiles you will create. Happy Santacon!!

Start location is not announced until the night before. That means Friday December 12th. 
For location Updates follow Santa on twitter for location updates by Texting "follow santacon" to 40404.
Yes, you must wear a costume.