Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kostume Kult presents Black & Light Ball 2014 : Haute Kulture May 10, 2014

As we roll into what we burners call Pre-Burn season (nobody calls it that) its time once again for our classiest of affairs known as the Black & Light Ball! A very cool, very UV reactive event featuring all the high class, upper crust costumers of the NYC area. All are invited, all are welcome, all are black lit for an evening of fun, art, dancing and glowing good times.

Check out the event page for more details and to buy TICKETS. Getting them early not only gets your a better price (CHEAPER) but it also ensures you will not be left outside the doors while the party glows on into the night at our venue in Manhattan

Once again we have searched near and far to bring the best DJs possible for this special event.
DJs in two rooms include:
Matt Hardinge (Motek)
Soul Mob (Ospina Digital/Slur/Worship/Soul Mob Productions)
WhiteOwlJaguar (Disco Fist/Talon & Claw)
Rhenalt (Rebel Eye/Nervous)

Tektite (Vitamin B/Blackbird Squadron)
Beatkitty (Kostume Kult/Kismet)
Havok (Osiris/Snap Music)
Jeffrey Dommer (NYC Tribe/Fire Triangle)

Now you are excited! What do I wear??!? Don't panic. I'm hear to help you through this. There is a world of UV reactive materials to make a costume with and above all we just want you to come enjoy the fun.

Here are some things I have found glow very well in black light and can be used for costumes:
Fluorescent yarn (Red Heart brand) The pink glows like crazy.
Neon Poster board (Dollar store- CHA-CHING!)
Neon craft paint (mini bottles at Michael's are about $1 each. Use multiple coats for better results)
Neon zip ties (Home Depot)

So go on an inspirational shopping trip and don't get over whelmed. Start with a hat or a blazer from the thrift store. Get crafty. Use your glue gun! Here are some photos from past Black & Light Balls. Hehe Balls.
Check out my Pinterest board for costume & makeup inspiration.

Black & Light Ball is Kostume Kult's springtime Burning Man fund raiser for our theme camp. We appreciate you coming out to have a great time and help us spread the costume love at the burn this year.

Love and Glow Sticks,