Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Skiing Santa video

Here's a little video I made from the Skiing Santa Day at Windham Mountain.
It was a great time! I LOVE SKIING!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ein Hammer @ Burning Man 2010

The Ein Hammer art installation was my favorite piece of interactive art at Burning Man 2010.
It was loud dangerous and hosted by a hilarious mad German scientist named RotWang.
Check out this video that goes further into detail of this cool piece of art and shows the people who brought it out to the Playa.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Skiing and Riding Santa Day @ Windham Mountain 12/19/10

Skiing is a huge joy in my life. I have been skiing since 3rd grade thanks to a cool ass program at my school WAJ called Ski Tuesday. Back when Windham Mountain was called Ski Windham, they would let all the kids out early on Tuesday to go to the mountain and ski and snowboard for a couple hours. So I was pretty damn excited when the Skiing Santa day popped up on the Kostume Kult Discussion board. How did I miss this?!

On Sunday December 19th we are welcoming all guests to dress in head to toe Santa suits. A $10 donation is requested and will be given to the local food pantry. Upon arrival all Santas must sign in at the Mountain Express Cafeteria at 8:45-9 AM for ticketing and donation collection. Participating Santa's receive a ticket good for that day and two additional mid-week non-holiday tickets.

Pre- registration is required, space is limited. Click here to register.


Last week I realized however that i do not have a Santa costume! I have never worn red and white to SantaCon and so I got myself over to Mood for more of that felt that is so easy and cheap. This time HOT PINK.
I am so in love with this color. Its going to look so good on the snow. Now the rules of Skiing Santa day say head to toe Santa dress with beard. I don't want to wear a beard! I think they will let me slide since A) I'm Cute and B) The rest of my costume rocks.

I looked pretty ridiculous trying to measure myself WITH my ski coat on. Thankfully felt and elastic is not an exact science. Perfect for my Rogue Sewing rules!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SantaCon Recap

Santa squeezed his fat white a$$ down that chimney last Saturday, he found the jolliest bunch of a$$holes this side of the nuthouse.

What fun last Saturday was! Santa was out in full force.
The merriment could not be contained. The bars, parks, and sidewalks over flowed with fat men in red suits, Frostys, elves, toy soldiers and walking Xmas trees.
A few of my favorites:
Jesus in a birthday hat
Potato Latke
Hasidic Jews
Winter Prince (My Match!)

Such great creativity. Of course there were just plain drunk Santas. I saw one sleeping on the sidewalk around 4pm. Shoulda had a hearty breakfast, dude! West 4th street was a flood of Santas by the time I got there. We parked ourselves in The Four Faced Liar's front window with a beer to wait for some friends and watched wave after wave of SantaConers go by. People watching just does not get much better than this.
But on to my costume... Winter Princess, Queen Frostine, Ice Bitch whatever. Thank goodness for the warmer weather on Saturday because I was worried about having to wear a coat and basically ruin the whole effect of the costume. I layered some thermal shirts from Conway and tons of tights and felt pretty good. I always find that the excitement of that day keeps me the warm too. I really like the way the whole thing came out and I would absolutely wear it again. I even had my nails done to match!

The wig was the best part. I knew I wanted a windswept look and so I ended up buying styrofoam pieces (a cone and wreath) for volume and hiding them under the teased wig. That way I was also able to poke wire into the styrofoam to keep in the snowflakes and other decorations. I used bobby pins too and didn't have to do much hot glueing. It was fairly steady on my head and thankfully it was not a windy day. Throughout the wig I had 20 bright white LED lights that were run by a 2 AA battery pack hidden in the back. Over all the wig wasn't too heavy. The styrofoam pieces worked well but were not very durable. A full day of Santa fun can be rough and the styrofoam ring that was providing volume was in 3 or 4 pieces by 9pm. Revisions will need to be made to the structural support!
Make application started about 2 hours before I left the house. The White base from Ricky's I applied with a makeup sponge. Then I mixed a very light blue using Mehron Fantasy F-X face paint. I absolute love this brand of liquid face paint and I have been using it since I was 12 painting kids faces at the public library's summer program. The snowflakes were stickers from Michaels and I covered everything with a star dust powder by Mattese Elite (also purchased at Ricky's). Eyelashes on and we're done.

Everything on me was the whitest white I could find and the effect was terrific. I bought the fabric for the dress at JoAnn's. It was a white synthetic fabric with glitter in it. The basic shape I made for the dress was the same as my Halloween dress. I used a lot of the same pattern to cut it out. However I wanted it to be short and flirty this time. Luckily I have a huge stash of tutus and petticoats. Put a few on and voila!! Volume!

Footwear was a little bit of an issue. Comfort is obviously key for a full day of fun but my Playa boots were way too dark. So I bought some last minute felt at Mood. They have great heavy duty felt in a plethora of colors which is $7 a yard. They even do 1/2 yards which NOT a lot of fabric stores will do in NYC. As a matter of fact they usually give me the stink eye when I want just one yard of a fabric. Anyway I made some boot covers with a simple elastic top which worked just fine.
The staff I recycled from last year and put in new snowflake flashy lights that I got at Wal-Mart for $3. They run on 2 AA batteries so less weight too!

As usual I got called Lady Gaga several times throughout the day. I saw a couple of snowflakes and snowmen throughout the day, but the best had to be when I met my match made in heaven at the Santa After party!

He's now my friend on Facebook. :P

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Monday, December 6, 2010

SantaCon wig

It's a SantaCon whiteout. My outfit is going to be winterific.
I took my white long wig which I bought at Ricky's for $40 and teased the hell out of it. I have used this white wig for at least 8 costumes. The first time being Mermaid day parade 2007 when I went as a ghost mermaid.

Its time has ended as a straight haired wig. The ends had just become too frayed from wearing and brushing it. So I went to town on it with my brush and teased it into a tumbleweed and it has new life!

This is making me very excited and I want to stay home and work on this for the next 4 days but alas, life gets in the way.
Keep checking for updates. Next up, LED lights, wire framework and a big white bird. Yes!

Remember SantaCon NYC is Saturday December 11, 2010.
GO to the SantaCon website or Follow

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

SantaCon NYC countdown 2010

Where to buy Santa Costume in NYC?

If you are in NYC and need a costume for SantaCon go to Ricky's they have a lot of great stuff and sexy elf and santa-ette costumes for the ladies. Go now! You don't want to be stuck with the ugly oversized last one on the rack. I took this picture at the Ricky's on Broadway and 39th street.

On to my costume...ACK! Not in full on panic mode yet, but SantaCon is a mere 9 days away and my dress is in pieces on the table. Not one stitch sewed yet. I blame my other crafty projects as well as work keeping me far to late each night this week! Such is life.
Here's a picture of the inventory I have. Can you guess the theme???

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