Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inspiration Horned Ball 2011

At first I had no idea what to wear to Horned Ball 7: Road to Valhalla!!!!
The theme this year besides horned creatures is VIKINGS. Aside from wearing hilarious hats and Eric from True Blood *hot* (do yourself a favor and click that link) I've never put much thought into vikings. Fur trimmed barbarian warriors and warrioresses? <---That is so not a word
Anyway most likely I will do a variation of my unicorn costume and add a dark spin to it. The vikings were around in a very dark time, literally. Yesterday I bought red and white striped spandex to match the red and white striped horns I found when we were doing crafting for the event.

The thing I am most excited about though is the wig. At the 2010 Halloween Sample sale I talk about ALL THE TIME I got a Loooooooooong black wig. I mean like 3 feet long. (IT WAS 2 DOLLARS!!) I am going to tease and style it into a mane and decorate it festively. With the red and white spandex ($10 at Spandex House 38th street between 7th and 8th Ave) I want to make leggings or a body suit. I don't have my heart set on a body suit because A) my rogue sewing capabilities can only get me so far and B) I have been eating too many bagels and my belly looks like that of a 4 month pregnant woman.

ANYWAY This weekend I will begin sewing and I'll document my progress whether it is a disaster or raving success! I'm planning big dramatic makeup for the event. My friend Tony (who does terrific creative costumes) forwarded the video for Katy Perry's new video ET. She has some very dramatic looks and I love the shading on her face. I want to try it in red, white and black.

Eyelashes: I will be trying lower lashes as well as upper lashes this time! Very exciting. I found this picture of Mila Kunis that I loved from W magazine.
Also this gorgeous geisha photo. I have those black feather lashes already. Both of these are super dramatic examples and I don't know if I will go all out on my first attempt but hey, when do I ever say less is more. MORE IS MORE FOREVER!!!

So buy your tickets now for only $15, dance, drink, celebrate the return of spring and come see how my Dark Viking Unicorn costume turned out.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Upcoming Event - 7th Annual Horned Ball April 8, 2011 hosted by Kostume Kult

Kostume Kult presents:

Horned Ball 7: Road to Valhalla

Friday, April 8th... (8pm to Late)
Santos Party House
96 Lafayette Street
New York, NY

Gather your forces, don your armor, fur and horns and prepare for battle on the road to the Hallowed Halls of Valhalla.

Much more info coming soon on this annual Spring Rebirth as the drums begin to beat and we begin the march towards a sacred, distant land with our first Burning Man project fundraiser.

For those who are unaware, Horned Ball is Kostume Kult's longest running annual event where all are encouraged to wear horns regardless of the sub-theme. This year we pay homage to the Norse mythos- its gods, warriors and magickal creatures but also welcome overt acts of ridiculousness as a constant of this event is absurdity...

Featuring late night dancing and staged performances from 8-12 at the "Showtime at the Valhalla" Gong-Show presentation on the main stage, we are seeking leaders, doers, artists, and performers who will help us set the pyre alight and kick off this season in powerful style.

$15 limited presale

$15 limited presale

Read about what I am going to wear HERE.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Photos: Kostume Kult's 5th Annual Alt.Oscars

There were lots of great paparazzi at the Alt. Oscars this year to capture every scandalous moment of the awards. Here are some links to enjoy.

Kostume Kult's own Loren Darklyng on Flickr

The event was also covered by Time Out New Yorks Own this City blog!

Check out the photos here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Alt. Oscar 2011 Recap and Photos

Alt. Oscars night was this past Sunday so I figured I'd take a minute to recap what people wore (most importantly my costume) and some of the award craziness.

Celebrities walked the red carpet including Tim Burton, Lindsay Lohan with her alcohol monitor anklet, Joaquin Pheonix with his crazy beard and even Marilyn Monroe (Coulda sworn she was a goner). There were plenty of people on hand and in costume rooting for Black Swan to take home the Oscar and the Alty. Tutus and feathers flew all night as the swans battled it out on the stage and dance floor. In the end Natalie got her Oscar and plenty of drunk Black Swans got their Altys.

When I was coming up with my costume for the Alt. Oscars I found the Oscar nominees to be a challenge to dress as. After all dressing as a hiker with one arm is not my idea of glamour. So in the end I went with the much underrated Piranha 3D. Its a riveting thriller about a Spring Break celebration gone wrong with thousands of prehistoric piranha are released from an underground cave after a major earthquake at Lake Havasu. Not to mention its in 3D!

Costume making process: I thought about buying plastic piranhas but time was running out so after a suggestion from my coworker I printed some good piranhas I found online and mounted them on foam core. Then I attached flesh colored elastic so I could wear them around my arms and legs to look like they were biting me. My headpiece was made of a headband, wire and paper fish. Simple yet very effective. I'm my opinion it looked like there was a school of deadly fish dangerously swimming inches above my head.

I spent very little money on this costume which is awesome! My costume hobby can run a little pricey at times. The only items I purchased were the bikini top at H&M for $15, some glue sticks and the wig which I bought at a Halloween sample sale for $2. TWO DOLLARS! I love this wig. Its so full and bouncy. Everything else was in my Kostume closet or craft bin.

The body makeup took some time. I started with an all over white base. I used Ben Nye white color cake makeup and a make up sponge. It took forever! I wish I had an airbrush machine or knew about the guys at Transformational Body Painting before the party. After the white base I added a very light patches of blueish-grey color. Then also with my sponge and red body paint I added the "bites". They started out as blotchy looking red spots. After I let it dry a little, I added purple bruising around most of the bites. Then I came back with Ben Nye Stage Blood and some good old scab blood for the finishing bloody touches. Getting the bites spaced properly and looking random was a challenge too!
I was very pleased with the results and think I make quite an appearance on the red carpet, maybe even getting the under-nominated Piranha 3D some much deserved attention.

Alty's went to The Minion from Despicable Me for Best Animated Character, There was a Best Black Swan, Sexiest Male, Sexiest Female, Best Couple, Best Hot Mess, Most Suicidal Swan and Best Overall. My personal favorite was Woody and Jessie from Toy Story 3. So adorable! There was even a Lifetime Achievement Award which was given to our very own Brite Lite for pushing the limits of wearable light.

Although I myself did not receive an Alty *booo*, I would like to thank the Costume Cultural Society (Kostume Kults upscale persona) and all the fabulous people who came out to party.

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