Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Marathon

Oh my goodness! With Halloween being on a Sunday there are 3 days to party it up and I'm exhausted already! I'm only half way through the Halloween festivities but I must press on.
Friday and Saturday I was Sexy Praying Mantis. A LOT of people guessed it right... Success!
Here's a close up of my makeup.

Also learned that yellow face paint does not like to come off so much at the end of the night.
Back view of the gold booty shorts! Gotta take advantage of these costumes while I still have a firm little booty!

Today is the Edward Gorey Brunch and Dresden Dolls concert!. Hope I survive!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sexy Cockroach Costume of Halloween 2006

Have you ever heard this complaint?
"Halloween is just an excuse for girls to go out dressed like sluts!"
Well to me a world with out sluttily dressed Halloween party goers is a world I don't want to be a part of. As far as I'm concerned it broadens the range of costumes you can see on a Halloween night. What girl wants to dress as a carrot? Not many. But what girl DOESN'T want to dress as a SEXY Carrot?

Which leads me to my Halloween costume of 2006:

Sexy Cockroach

I wanted to be something NYC but the Statue of Liberty seemed so played out. Why not dress as the vermin that NYC'ers hate the most? I started with a sexy brown colored outfit. Knee high boots with heels and a short skirt with brown tights. PERFECT!

Then I had to build huge antenna. I started with a headband, thick soldering wire and brown duct tape. Go Home Depot! I secured the wire to the headband, then wrapped strips of brown duct tape around it horizontally to make it look segmenty like a bug.
They were HUGE and pretty heavy. If I had to do it again I certainly would NOT use soldering wire.
The body is made with a large piece of brown textured upholstery fabric with foam on one side. I pretty much tortured my sewing machine with this thick fabric, but the foam is lightweight at least. The additional legs are brown tights (Thank goodness I work at a hosiery company) stuffed and then attached to cuff bracelets on my wrists.
I sewed brown elastic to the back piece and just wore it like a back pack. Not the easiest costume to use the restroom in, but it was fairly comfortable otherwise. I freaked my roommates out by skittering around the house like a roach and pretending to eat out of our garbage. They were not amused.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010



199 Bowery
New York, NY


Need plans for Halloween night? Ditch that packed bar with unoriginal people dressed as pimps and hos and come down to the best party in New York City.

Kostume Kult & Choice Cunts
Voo Doo Bugaloo
Black Magick and Sin

On Halloween night Kostume Kult joins forces with badass party girls Choice Cunts to kick downtown Manhattan in the nuts. We both do this year-round so expect the real deal-- down, dirty and stylish. Separate parties until the witching hour when all hell will burn loose.

Sunday, October 31st
10pm - Late

$15 limited presale
(will-call tickets)
$20 at Door. Costumes Required
(will most likely sell out in presale)

2-for-1 drinks first hour
strange brews all night

KK & CC parties separate before 1am
and have different doors all night

Style: A Halloween parade after-party, expect extreme, insane and savagely sexy styles. Bring your own personal voodoo and boogie til dawn. Feathers, skulls and body art are encouraged.

Sorcering this most magickal night will be very special guest DJ Jerad Hioki in his NYC debut with Journeyman, Reda (Disorient) and DJ SRSLY conjuring a delicious mix of house, electronica and breaks. Downstairs DJs Angel Boi, Friar Tuck (Disorient) and Lesbian Van Halen rock the Voodoo Gogo Girls, with MARO Photo and naughty guests.

Voodoolicious visuals by DY3KT and Black Magic Phototron by Jez.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Flamingo Costume of 2008

With Halloween but a few (only 6!!) days away, my blog has been getting a lot of hits from google costume searches and I figured I should add some costumes from previous years to inspire costume creativity in others. So today I bring you Sexy Flamingo Costume from Halloween 2008!!

This costume started as a center piece. Literally. I went to a friends cousins bas mitzvah at a reception hall in Long Island. As we were arriving another bas mitzvah was ending next door and they were taking down the decorations. The theme was Circe De Soliel and there were tons of pink and purple plumes in all of the centerpieces. SCORE! I started ransacking the place like it was a fire sale at Bloomingdale's! I got about 40 plumes before someone recognized that I was not with the party and asked what the hell I was doing. At which time I bolted for the door, saving myself about $200 in feathers!
I sewed the corset type top and engineered a piece in the back that held the feathers straight up. It looks a lot like those ski holders that go on the side of shuttle buses at ski mountains. Is that too obscure? Basically it had slots sewed into it so the end of the feathers could slide in vertically. The front just has pink craft feathers from a bag hot glued onto it. (I burnt my fingers SO many times!)
The headpiece:
Its made from plaster infused gauze, craft foam, glue and paint. The plaster gauze is a fun but messy project. First you cover your head in plastic wrap. NOT YOUR FACE! Just your head so the plaster does not stick to your hair. Then dip the plaster gauze strips in water, let some of the excess water drip off and lay on top of your head. Add layers until you achieve the desired shape and thickness of your headpiece. Leave it on your head until its dry enough to retain its shape when you take it off. Then find a safe place covered in newspaper for it to dry. Basically you are making a custom fit base to build off of. I covered the plaster with pink craft foam from my favorite store.. you guessed it, MICHAEL'S! Then I added another layer of craft feathers. Did you know the feathers in a bag from craft stores are actually turkey feathers?! Kinda gross, but what did you expect, they go pluck rainbow birds?

Anyway I think the key to a successful flamingo costume is LOTS of pink! Pink Tights, Pink feather eyelashes, Pink facepaint and pink eye shadow, Pink Hot pants and Pink shoes. My pink shoes are from a cheap shoe store in Manhattan Mall. They were only FIVE dollars. WHAT?! Totally worth it. And of course I hot glued magenta sequined elastic and MORE feathers to them.
The Picnic in the picture is my friend Nicole, another terrific costume maker. She bought food for her costume at Toys R Us and sewed the dress from a table cloth!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Costume 2010 Update

My sewing machine has smoke coming out of it from all the work I have been doing! Today I pretty much completed the dress I will wear to the Edward Gorey Brunch at Highline Ballroom and also the Dresden Dolls concert at Irving PLaza on October 31, 2010 HALLOWEEN! What an exciting day it will be. Ok so here are a few pictures of the progression of the dress. I followed a Simplicity pattern I bought at Wal-Mart for old fashioned dresses. Completely on accident I cut the fabric along the pattern without adding any extra allowance for seams and it fit perfectly. Whew.Here's the bodice. I'm very proud of the piping along the neckline which is straight and not wonky looking at all. The trim zig zagging along the front is not my favorite part, but it's growing on me.
Sleeve one done. I was going to use the black and white stripe fabric for the sleeve ruffle, but it reacted badly to an iron, very very badly.. There was almost a fire and I ruined a whole yard of it...SOoooo I used the black lace and actually I like it better. I actually followed all the directions with the pattern this time and wouldn't you know it worked! Its not the rouge sewing technique I usually use.
Here is the final dress!! When I finish with the accessories and wig it will be a Victorian, Goth, Steam Punk, Vaudevillian, Cabaret Dream!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Post Zombie Con NYC 2010 Comments & Photos

We staggered, spit blood, ate brains, scared tourists, confused Manhattanites, reeked havoc, gurgled, groaned and drank beer. Success!

Saturday morning we assembled for bloody marys and brunch at Kennedy's on 57th street. My subway ride there was obviously not like my normal commute. On the 7 train rows of people stared but a little Japanese girl was the most intrigued. She kept moving closer to me throughout the ride. Even though I was covered in blood, she could tell I was wearing a fancy princess dress and was totally fascinated. Then I transferred to the A train were of course I encountered tourists who stared some more and whispered about me. Not one person asked where I was going. Guess I don't look that approachable!

The job of a zombie herder is never done. This year since I am officially a part of Kostume Kult, I actually had a roll to play in ZombieCon. Keeping the zombies moving to their next location was my task and I was taking it seriously. Luckily I brought a whistle as I do not own my own megaphone... yet. The zombie pack moved along just fine, traffic lights were probably our worst enemy. A line of cabs and buses do not care about zombies staying together, they would rather run you over so you re-die and be on with their day. I brandished my whistle like a true NYC traffic cop and shouted STOP! then STAGGER! at the traffic lights. I fooled a lot of people into thinking I was the actually cops till they turned around and saw this!

There was a lot of great press coverage of our antics. Here are some links, Huffington Post, The Whiskey Dregs, Monsters & Critics, MetroMix WOW.. Check out those undead. As we shambled through Rockefeller Center we even saw/accosted Tracy Morgan parked outside of NBC studios in his yellow Lambo. His lady friend was quite freaked out but he took the joke well and he had a smile on his face as he drove off knowing he can pay to have someone clean off the blood for him.
It was a great day, thank goodness for sunny autumn weather and a great turnout. Join us next year and indulge your inner fantasy of terrifying a tourist or screaming for BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dog Halloween Costumes by The Knitty Biddy

Got a dog? Do they enjoy dressing up for holidays? Of course not! But I know you get a kick out of it.

Your friend Kostume Girl has branched out into the wide wonderful world of Etsy. There are some of the best and worst handmade items available on the internet. Perhaps I should've worn this to be a Sexy Unicorn? I think not, but nice horn. Etsy lets skilled crafters and artist market themselves to a bigger audience. Do-It-Yourself kits are also available on Etsy which is great for the crafty and the crafty at heart.

However on to my point... knitting is another passion of mine. Visit my shop - The Knitty Biddy! You can find quality handmade dog sweaters and accessories and just in time for Hallloween, Count Dogula costumes.

Zombie Blog

After an eventful and highly successful ZombieCon I discovered this Zombie blog.

I will be posting my pictures soon.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Burning Man 2010 Metropolis HD Video uploaded

The long process of uploading the HD quality video of my Burning Man experience to YouTube has finally been completed! I think it looks great and I'm proud to share it with you. Look for me yelling into the megaphone during a dust storm.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Zombie Con New York City - October 16, 2010

You can hear the rumble in the distance.. The unrest of the undead... The smell of rotting flesh... the hunger for BRAAAAAINS!!No, its not hungover hipsters at brunch in Williamsburg, its...

ZOMBIECON New York City! Saturday, October 16th, 2010

I was doing a little prep work tonight and finished my masquerade mask for my Victorian Zombie costume. I know I've been doing a lot of Victorian costumes lately but I just love that blond beehive wig and I am finally going to put the Queen Frostine dress to rest with a bloody send off with style. Queen Frostine has been through 3 Santa Cons, 1 Halloween, 1 Mardi Gras and 2 birthday parties. I've grateful for all the good times this dress has helped me have and now I'm going to retire it to the undead part of my closet. This is going to require a lot of red and black paint and a sharp pair of scissors. Perhaps I will just put it on and roll down a cliff in Central Park. Either way I expect the end result to be dramatic and a real "show stopper".

Here is a picture of my accessory, a masquerade mask. Complete with dangling eyeball!!

Sign up for text message updates at ZOMBIECON NYC. This year there will even be an afterparty. The 1st Annual Zombie Bawl! Join us after the Con for dinner, dancing, demented performances and braaaiiiinnnssss. The party will get started at LE POISSON ROUGE, 158 Bleecker Street, NYC, at 7 pm and go all night long. Get your advance sale tickets here. See you there and don't for get your uncontrollable urge to eat humans brains.