Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tips for enjoying SantaCon NYC!

SantaCon NYC is swiftly approaching again!  You & your elves are excited and gathering your costumes for the upcoming festivities. Here are some tips for getting even more fun out of your day!
Arrive early.
The best part of the day is when Santa first gathers and everyone is full of cheer. Things are not sloppy yet and everyone is ready to play reindeer games!

Bring a Game.
A hula hoop, chalk for drawing sidewalk hop scotch or a beach ball for bouncing. Participate in some reindeer games and you are sure to make new friends and your inner child will thank you.  Just be sure you are willing to carry what you bring out of the park. This is a leave no trace event.

Make a Santa Choir/Band.
You and your friends could perform a few carols that will surely delight the other subway riders or tourists!

Do a group costume.
This is fun for everyone. You'll get great photos and make lots of memories as a nativity scene or the 12 days of Christmas. More ideas on my other SantaCon group costume post.

Dress appropriately.
Check the weather. Wear layers if its chilly. This year it looks like its going to be unseasonably warm. Either way wear comfortable shoes. Theres lots of traveling between venues.

You don't want to be waiting in a crazy line for a new Metrocard and get left in the dust by the other Santas. Load up that Metrocard ahead of time. You will be happy you did.

Donate to charity.
SantaCon NYC donates funds collected through their website to selected charities each year. Its a great way to join together and give a BIG monetary gift to one of our local charities.

For Santa's location throughout the day follow @santacon on Twitter or Text "Follow Santa" to 40404 to receive text alerts. Send "OFF" to turn notifications off.