Thursday, September 27, 2012

Halloween 2012 Costume Ideas - Couples Costumes

Get those creative juices flowing cause its time again to get working on your Halloween costumes! The air is getting cooler and its time put up those annoying fake spider webs that never look just right.

Here are some NEW Costume Ideas for Halloween 2012

Anchorman costumes have been done before, some VERY well, but what about dressing up at Ron Burgundy during his downward spiral ending in him drinking milk on a day that is way too hot for dairy beverages?! Dirty up a white collared shirt and grow a beard! You would need a carton of milk to carry around so people wouldn't think you were just a generic homeless person. Then all you need to do is yell "BAAAAXTER!" and "Milk was a bad choice!" all night.

The Guy Who Fell Asleep At The Party:

This costume could not be easier. Put on a typical party night outfit then have a buddy draw d*cks and what not on your face and arms. I don't recommend using a real Sharpie since Halloween 2012 is on a Wednesday and you might have to go to work the next day so maybe try different colors of pencil eye liner.


Go ahead, watch the video again, I won't judge you. This blessing from Korea makes Americans unexplainably happy as was spoofed on SNL a few weeks ago. There are lots of characters to choose from in this completely random group dance video. You could be neon suit wearing Dorothy Hamill haircut guy, one of the white dress girls, elevator cowboy hat guy or a freakin horse! LONG LIVE K-POP!

All the Avengers: at the same time:

If you can figure out how to paint yourself green (Hulk), wear tight pants (Black Widow), an iron man helmet (Ironman), carry a hammer (Thor), bow & arrow (Hawkeye) & shield (Cap. America) then you have assembled the Avengers all by yourself! If you are looking for something a little easier just buy an eyepatch and be Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter:
This stove pipe topped dead pres hasn't enjoyed a big year like this since 1863. If you are a tall lanky individual just get yourself a blood spattered black suit, fake beard, crazy tall hat and a FAKE axe and you are good to go! 

Couples Costume Ideas for Halloween 2012

Are you a hipster couple? Then you should be characters from a Wes Anderson movie. 

The young lovers from Moonrise Kingdom are quirky and adorable. For the guy, see if you can find a boy scout looking outfit or something similar at your Army/Navy store. The coonskin hat and yellow handkerchief are a must. For the girl the white knee highs and red beret are going to be easy to find. You will probably be able to find a similar pink dress and maybe add the white collar. She also wears a pretty incredible pink coat that may not be as easy to track down. 

If weird family love is more your thing than what about Margot and Richie Tenenbaum? Royal Tenenbaums is one of my favorite movies of all time. Margot must have a cigarette in her hands at all times and don't forget to wrap your finger that was cut off in a wood chopping accident! The side swept bangs held with a bobbie pin is pretty important too. Richie Tenenbaum is such a fun character to dress as for a guy. Try and find a wooden tennis racquet to carry around. It will definitely help people to recognize who you are. 

Watch THIS video on YouTube for more Wes Anderson inspiration. I love his movies.

Gotye and His Ex-Girlfriend

This song and video was absolutely everywhere in 2012. From video spoofs to the fact that you were secretly never sick of it. This is an easy costume as it pretty much just requires 2 wigs and body paint. Hopefully you live in a warmer climate and so you can do Halloween with less clothing. Bonus points if you bring a painted foam core wall along with you and blend in with it. 

Jersey Shore Zombies

Its a fact that we will all eventually succumb to a zombie apocalypse. That is why zombie costumes are so popular. Why not add another costume to your zombie costume? I suggest adding something almost as terrifying as the inevitable zombie apocolypse... The Jersey Shore!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Burning Man 2012: How was your trip?

A frequent conversation I've been having lately-

Person I know:
Hey how was your trip? 

*Huge deep breath*...Well I...
White Trash Minnie Mouse and her megaphone
introduced myself to Kostume Kult for the 10th time - saw people smile at me like it was the 1st time, felt a REAL hug, reaffirmed what I already knew - people will do whatever you tell them to if you are speaking into a mic or megaphone, rode on a tiki bar with 12 people during a daylight whiteout while Riders on the Storm played on the stereo, climbed a sinking pirate ship, biked in the bumpy ghetto of 2 to 3 o'clock, zipped down a very unsafe zip line, was lectured by Safety Taco, had a personal dream come true by getting a tour of the Never Was Haul with Tempe, complained about being a sober Runway MC - 10 people ran to me with booze, took a baby wipe shower - felt pretty good about it, took at real shower - felt like a new person, peed in a hot sauna of a porta potty at noon, heard Jungle in the morning OOohhing,  AAhhing and complimenting mostly women on the runway, ate next to nothing all day then ate gourmet food every night that saved my life, asked a dead sexy man via megaphone to rub his scruff on me, said some more inappropriate things while MCing, carefully climbed to the top of Mal-Mart to marvel at the view of Black Rock City, dove down 20,000 leagues deep under the playa with sexy pirates aboard the Nautilus X,  danced with hot pirate maiden Laura, resurfaced at a movie theater, resurfaced at concert of fire jets, lost my freaking mind, jumped ship, swam with Tom back to camp, collapsed in my tent, ate pancakes with Poddy All The Time, talked to so many strangers which I normally hate doing, hugged everyone again, had a moment at the Temple of Juno, cried over other peoples dead pets, made promises to myself that I probably won't keep, helped Cha Cha build the balloon chain, didn't turn on my cell phone, faithfully followed our fearless leader DK, became one with the dust, was a Zombie/White Trash Minnie Mouse/Bad Bunny/Pirate Captain/Santa/Pink Kitten, dressed a man in a prairie dress which he loved, changed peoples perspective on costumes, felt proud when I told people I was a member of Kostume Kult, made people "get sexy with it" on the runway, couldn't quite get anywhere on time, indulged in the simple act of cuddling, saw rain and lightning for the first time on playa, danced at a safari with hot Australian giraffe and buffalo, showed off my assets, watched a Dragon Theater Shadow Show, waved to art car riders, pedaled a bike bar, got dirty with a dusty boy,
Riders on the Storm
hopped in the Billion Bunny March, marveled at how that silver spaceship stays upright, did a pickle back *or 23*, rode my bike drunk with a drink in my other hand, practiced safety third, fell off a piece of art, fell deeply in love with everyone in KK, was very entertained by Johnny Letrik, had a white wedding with Noodle, laughed with Dusty Lashes, marveled at Charlie Won's energy, was rubbed down with SPF by Babba the Love Sponge, had a tent party at Cowboy Roys, watched the Bull burn with Constantino, was envious of Maddie's free spirit, shared my secret crush(s) with Maria, heard a lot of tent sex, nearly came face to d*ck with a shirt c*cker, saw the sun come up MULTIPLE times, watched a lot of sh*t burn, was in awe of how attractive everyone in our camp is, enjoyed the sound of my own voice on a megaphone, acquired a lot of new costumes, watched our frontage come down, demooped for hours, wished I could stay just a few more days, watched the playa disappear in out the back window.

Passenger aboard Nautilus X.
Most frequent responses:
*Blank Stare*
Wait, were you just telling me about a dream you had?
You went to Birmingham?!
I just couldn't deal with no shower for a week.

Bad Bunny's Good Side

Its hard to put into words for others an experience that forever alters your life, even the second time around. Each burn is different but so far both of mine have started the same. The first night I have anxiety that a week is too long to spend in this desolate wasteland. "What have I done?!", I think. The next few days are filled with people and things that do not exist out side of this dried lake bed we inhabit for such a short time. The hours and days fly by. My body acclimates to the new environment and I stop noticing there is dust all over my fork when I put it into my food. The energy builds steadily throughout the week and when the man finally does burn that 1 mile circle is the center of the universe. You can't imagine there is anything else going on in the world. Its a beautiful week long escape. Everyone asks me if I will do it again next year, my inner burner smirks, she will be back. 

Below is the video I took this year. Unfortunately a dying battery prevented me from taking more. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Find a Haunt - Haunted House Locator

Haunted house fans looking for the best scares around should use the services of Find A Haunt.
Find haunted events in your address or zip code on the main page and the site automatically propagates a map showing every Halloween event within 75 miles. The attractions are listed by distance away from the searcher. This useful tool can help you organize Haunt Hopping with your Halloween loving friends! Check it out by clicking the banner below. 


Find A - The new way to search for Haunted Houses

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Burning Man NYC Re-Entry 2012 presented by Kostume Kult & PEX

234 West 42nd Street, NYC

A Trans-Dimensional Portal from BRC to NYC and all night dance party with one of the best sound systems in NYC

Saturday, September 22nd

233 West 41st Street, 
betw 7th & 8th aves,
Midtown NYC

Time Bandits meets Priscilla Queens of the Desert with a dash of Flash Gordon. Interdimensional travelers with outrageous style with all forms of transformative, transparent or transgender fashions encouraged. Barbarella, SteamPunk, GlamPunk, PlayaPunk, Art Deco, retro-future, robot-chic, aluminum lingerie, rocketwomen & little green men, cross-gender, cross-species & cross-planetary fashions! Share tall tales of adventures had, lessons learned and booty plundered. Emerge from the 'Burn Gate' and sashay down the runway. 


TICKETS on sale now
1st tier - $20 + fee (limited)
2nd tier - $25 fee waived
Door - $30 Kostumed, $40 Mundane
Drink specials all night

Time Travelers Fashion Show (midnight) with MC Christopher
Be transported through Matthieu Boardman's BURN GATE 
High Voltage Time Machine by Kimmy Dudek
ArtDeco Planet Metropolis
Body Art by Transformational Bodypainting & Kirkworx
Photon PhotoBooth by Jeffrey Grossman
Cosmotastic Projections by VJ Static
Playa Video Postcards by Tom Egan
Costume Accessories and Jewelry by Electric Candy Couture 
And YOU participating as you will!
*More TBA soon

DJs in two rooms!
Lee Mayjahs? (PEX, Playloop)
DJ Everyday (PEX, Playloop)
Boris "Burning Elf" (Kostume Kult, Toad, NYC)
Big Jawn & Teh Wallace Tag-team set (PEX)
Discount (PEX)
Orange Krush (Kostume Kult, Disorient, NYC)
Been Jammin (NYC)

(this is an upscale place doing special deals for us)
$6 premium beer
$7 well drinks & wine
$8 call liquors
$3 water bottles

To Volunteer, Propose Art or Offer a Time/Space-Bending Performance, email producer IRENE
ikmalatesta (at) gmail (dot) com
(Mention Reentry in the subject line)