Saturday, October 17, 2009

Costume UPDATE

Working on my Cheshire Cat costume for the last few days. I don't have that much to do on it which is good but frustrating cause I want to be making costumes this time of year. I am helping out a few other people though so I'm sure I will have enough to do.
I finished my ears this morning. See..
I look like a raver club kid! haha I really think when people see the Alice in Wonderland crew together they are going to know what I am right away. On my own however I might just look like a pink kitty.
Going to Michael's later with a few friends and even though I am not going for anything specific I'm sure I will come home with a bunch of stuff and a new "project".


ZombieCon date has been set for Saturday October 24th. The zombies will rise to drink, dance and create havoc on NYC streets and subways. So much fun. I really can't say how much I am looking forward to it! My brother and his girlfriend are supposed to come down for it too! Go to to sign up for text updates that will tell you where the Zombies will be so you can meet up with them... FOR BRAAAAINS!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Scary, Creeping and Unusual

Throughout my whole life, I've never been one to dress up as something scary for Halloween. For starters, scary movies really really freak me out. I can barely watch Harry Potter without hiding under the covers, forget about Jason and Freddy.
However in between developing my mermaid day costumes for '08 and '07 and going to Zombie Con I realized that scary costumes are really really fun. I am planning on taking my zombie costume from last years Zombie Con and just making it MORE gory and scary than it was before. I am going to basically dye the whole outfit a deep red as if its been saturated with blood then drag it through the mud AKA brown and black paint. The key to getting a good zombie look is adding the right amount of white makeup to your skin to give yourself an unnaturally dead look and then adding black for sunken eyes and cheeks. Of course the finishing touch is fake blood. I prefer a product Stacy and I discovered called "Scab Blood". They sell it at Ricky's and it works best if you apply it with a toothpick or q-tip with the cotton cut off. It really clumps and dries perfectly. After you get base of liquid fake blood where you want it, let it dry and add sporadic "scab blood".
Some people at Zombie Con go with the prosthetic wounds. I find unless applied with a ridiculous amount of Spirit Gum, these things are not going to make the long haul and end up hanging half way off your face. Which I guess for a zombie really isn't that bad! I just wouldn't be able to stand it and would pull it off my face within the first hour.
So in conclusion, even though I am not being something scary for actual Halloween, I am so excited to dress up for Zombie Con on Saturday, October 24th in NYC. Get the word our to your friends!! You won't regret it.