Friday, May 13, 2011

Half way to Halloween 2011 and Group Costume Ideas

Boys and Girls, We are at the half way point to Halloween 2011!!

How exciting! I keep a running list all year long of costume ideas because otherwise I could forget one I had in February and that would be terrible. Also people often ask me what they should be and I'll have spare ideas on hand. I will give a sneak preview of the list of group costumes I've been scheming up in a minute and I'm not worried about people stealing my ideas cause, my costume will be way better than theirs anyway.

First however, something I read about on Bridget Marquardt's Twitter. You may know her as one of Hef's original girlfriends on The Girls Next Door and if you watched the show you know she is a huge fan of Halloween. What I love about her is her costumes are incredibly sexy but better than just the old hot nurse outfit. Sexy costumes are more than just knee high socks, People! In April she hosted a "Half Way to Halloween Party" in Vegas as a dead bride. She also recently joined up with sexy costume company Roma to release a line of adult Halloween costumes. They made a spooky mini movie to give a peek at the 17 new designs. Check it out here. Very cute take on some old classics and new favorites. I love the Ring Leader (so totally Britany) and the Mermaid.

Alright so back to the running list of costume ideas.

Sexy Horse Jockeys-
Group costume opportunity! Silky colorful cleavage bearing tops, tight white leggings, riding boots, riding crops (you know that will get fun as the night goes on), cute riding helmets, those horses on a stick. Think of the fun races you could have throughout the night! You could name your horses sexy names too like Sexy Secretariat, High Ho Silver or Mr. Head! Good for groups of ladies AND men.

Toddlers & Tiaras-
My friend Nicole and I came up with this one while watching the TLC show (I can't get enough). It is another fabulous opportunity for a group costume. Big over glitzed dresses with ruffles, huge hair and too much makeup. Comically oversized trophies and tiaras and don't forget the "talent" portion of the competition. Make sure each contestant has a number pinned to their dress or people might just think you are a bunch of Tami Fay Bakers. Dress the guys in bad hair and terrible Walmart clothing and they can be the Show-Moms.

Sexy Caterpillars from Alice in Wonderland with the smoke "who" "R" "U" -
This one is good for you if you happen to be the creative make your own costume gal with the lazy what-should-I-be-friends. Your probably going to have to make the caterpillar outfit cause I've never seen one in Ricky's. But for the friends, a black shirt and pants with the letters made of cotton balls or batting glued to the front of the shirts. Don't carry around a real hookah though, that's a bad idea. Also maybe have one person be Alice so people will get it right away.

The only group costume I've ever participated in was Alice in Wonderland in 2009. I was the Cheshire Cat. It was great cause Halloween was on a weekend so "Alice" and I went out Friday and Saturday with slightly different groups of people. I made the Cheshire Cat costume with lots of face paint and faux fur. Also its good that I work at a hosiery company cause those tights aren't that easy to find! It wasn't the worlds most original group costume, but it was at least before Tim Burton's Wonderland came out and everyone was going the Johnny Depp Mad Hatter

Ok so there you have it, a couple ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Start planning early in October with a group of people cause its going to be hard to agree on a bar or party. Believe me though, go out with a well done group costume and you are going to get lots of attention and maybe even win a contest!

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