Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Zombie Day at Dorney Park, PA

NY Zombies gather at Dorney Park for another Zombie Invasion!

Artwork: Roller Coaster Zombies by Kate Vrijmoet

Now this is hilarious. The organizers of NYC Zombie Crawl and Philly Zombie Crawl are gathering their minions for a day of fun and thrills at Dorney Park.

As a huge fan of Fright Fest at Six Flags, I would love to go to this so I don't have to wait till October to get my zombie roller coaster on. I am going to see if any of my friends (especially the ones with cars) would wanna go too.

There will be special late hours for zombies only. In order to keep from scarring too many kids for life, zombie makeup & costumes are not allowed in the park until after 8pm. So ride some water rides, go out to the car, get zombie ready and come back and stagger to your next thrill ride from 8pm to midnight.

There will be a special ZOMBIES ONLY area of the park where the east coast’s top SPFX makeup artists will be making up zombies as well as a buffet, bands, a costume contest, drink specials for zombies over 21, and much more madness!!
Also there will be an attempt to break at least 2 Guinness World Records.

More info on the NYC zombie crawl Event page.

Tickets are only $25!! What a deal and a portion of the proceeds goes to supporting the NYC Zombie Crawl! Just make sure to buy your tickets from this LINK.

If you need a quick How to Zombify yourself, look no further than my very own blog! As a veteran of 4 Zombie Cons I am getting good at the blood and gore.


  1. Hi, all my artwork is copyrighted. If you would like to use my image on your website you may have my permission if you give me proper credit. That would entail the name of the painting and my name and key word labels of my name.
    Roller Coaster Zombies by Kate Vrijmoet

    Your costumes are fabulous!!!
    Kind Regards,
    Kate Vrijmoet

  2. Glad you like my costumes.
    Sorry there was no credit. I must have been posting in a hast and didn't consider where I got all my images. Post has been revised.
    Kostume Girl