Monday, March 19, 2012

Kostume Kult presents Horned Ball 2012 ARKK

Spring is upon us and as the ground thaws (not that it was ever really frozen this winter) the animals will awake from hibernation and begin the spring ritual of finding a suitable mate. But Wait! What is this? A foreboding storm approaches and threatens all living kind!! Their only hope is a man (some say he's crazy) and his epic ark. Built to last 40 days and nights of deluge this vessel will bring the animals 2 by 2 safely to dry land. So put on your fuzzy ears, tails, horns, and scales and party with Noah on the Party Arkk!!

Kostume Kult presents
Horned Ball 2012

The Bells Doth Toll for 2012. Storms Multiply, Waters Rise and Life on Earth teeters. On Friday, April 13th Kostume Kult prepares for the Apocalypse with an Arkk of Epic Contortions. Gather all ye Critters - Horned, Fuzzy and Frisky ones all. 2-by-2, 3-by-3 and all combinations thereof. Cross-Breeding Is Encouraged as we endeavor to make the Future a More Interesting Place... Your DNA is requested.


FRIDAY, APRIL 13th 9pm til 5am

261 Driggs Ave
Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11222
(between Eckford and Leonard nearest to the
Nassau Ave G Train or the Bedford Ave L train)

Photo: Guest of a Guest

TICKETS available now
$20 limited tier-one presale *will sell out soon*
$25/ second tier presale
$30/ door (in costume)
Drink and food specials all night

RSVP on the event Facebook page.

2012's THEME
Bibiblical Apocalypse Meets Spring Rebirth. A Bacchanal with Imminent Peril and Maximal Sexiness... Cometh to Brooklyn, bow down to Yahweh and beware the gaze of his laser beam eyes. Judgement day is upon us.

DJs in two rooms including:
MLE (Denver)
Everyday (PEX / Playloop, Philly)
Jerad Hioki (Kostume Kult, Roundi Music, Tahoe)
Boris "Burning Elf" (Kostume Kult, Toad, NYC)
Tektite (Vitamin B, NYC)
Shaggy (Disorient / Space Pirates, Philly)
Higher Nebulae (NYC)
Mystika (Disorient, NYC/Philly)

Photo: TimeOut New York

Horned Toad!
Petting Zoo
Cross-Breeding Shadow Puppet Theater
Live Critter Shuffleboard
Kruise Directives
And the return of the G(wr)ong Show!
Much more soon!

The 8th annual Horned Ball is Kostume Kult's longest running Burning Man camp fundraiser. Every year HB is a riot of Horns and other Costumery as the animals stir and break free of winter sluggishness. Play along with this year's theme or do something completely different. Individuality, absurdity and your unique style is celebrated in an environment where all who make an effort are welcome. With past themes being Paleolithikk (2010) and Road to Valhalla (2011) note that, every year, there is a different Horned spin and patron god. Many play along, others chart their own path. All are welcome.

Warsaw is a big venue with three rooms, a main stage, balcony and many corners to decorate. If you are interested to supply art, an activity or to otherwise volunteer, click HERE.

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