Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cool Kids Halloween Costumes

Some kids are just straight up cooler than I am. Its a fact I've come to grips with. So now I feature a few kids who with their awesome parents help, rocked Halloween!

Why no Tootsie-Pops?
Holy cow, this kid has swagger. The outfit is complete with his bad ass attitude. Baby Joker doesn't have time for you if you are not bringing the good candy.

Born Burton Fans
The kid on the left was clearly born 20 years too late for Edward Scissorhands, but that isn't stopping him from being the coolest kid I have ever seen. Someones parents are Tim Burton fans.

Wall-e traveled across the universe for love and this kids parents went to the ends of their creative world for this costumes. A-MAZ-ING! Read about the process of making this authentic costume here.

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  1. Awesome! Kids are looking truly amazing in these Halloween costumes. For my nephew and his friends, who are enrolled at one of Phoenix pre-k, did something different this time. Took them to a small Halloween party at a nearby park where all children had great fun.