Sunday, December 9, 2012

NYC SantaCon 2012 is Saturday Dec. 15th. Get your Jollies on!

The temperature is dropping, the reindeer are restless and the elves need a f*cking break from that damn workshop!

Get your red and white on and follow Santa on the craziest, merriest day of the year...
Saturday December 15, 2012!

For text updates where the Santas will be around town go to the NYC SantaCon website. There you will find helpful information if you are a first timer or just forgot how this wacky thing works.

Some helpful hints from KostumeGirl.

Dress to Impress. If you think a Santa hat "will do" you are lame. Put more than 10 minutes of effort into your costume. Pirate Santa, Toddlers & Tiaras Santa, Evil Elf, Cowboy Santa, get weird with it. Do a group costume! I have a post with ideas for you cause I got your back.

Watch the Kids. Kids are going to be way interested in thousands of Santas parading down the street. Stop for pictures, be nice, the bars will still be there in a few minutes, don't ruin their image of Santa cause you had 12 Irish Coffees for breakfast!

Pace yourself. I cannot stress this one enough. Every year I see Santas passed out on the damn sidewalk by 4pm. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Not to say I have never been tragically over-served, but you don't want your friends telling you that you missed the massive Rudolph sing-a-long cause you fell asleep on the 2 train. Eat food, have a water break, go for a walk, trust me the Santas will be there when you get back.
Drunk Santa Passed out

Things to Bring: At least 2 non-perishable food items for Santa's food drive, a Metrocard, CASH (Tip bartenders and waitstaff for putting up with us), Gifts, Games, Props, Comfortable footwear, your jolly Christmas spirit (nobody should be getting into fights at SantaCon)

Well that's about it for now. Back to working on my 2012 SantaCon costume. This year look for me in winter white fur and diamonds. SantaCon's twitter can get overloaded and slow so follow me on twitter @kostumegirl as a backup plan. I'll be tweeting Santa's whereabouts all day or until I get too drunk to use Twitter.

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