Wednesday, October 24, 2012

KOSTUME KULT presents Fairytale Apocalypse NYC Halloween 2012 Parade Afterparty

    *KOSTUME KULT **presents*
    *~ Fairytale Apocalypse ~*
    An NYC Halloween Parade Afterparty

    The End is Nigh for all Fantasyland Creatures. The cushy, cutsie life is
    done and all the cuddly characters of childhood lore are thrust out into
    the cruel, cruel world. Think Mad Max in Never-Neverland, Big Bird with
    prison tattoos, Cinderella as a brain-thirsty zombie and YOU adding your
    style and dementia...

    *Wednesday, October 31st*

    27 Union Square West
    Between 15th & 16th Streets
    *Under 'Coffee Shop', a short walk from the end of the parade*

    *$20/ $25 limited presale *BUY NOW*
    $30 Door in Costume (if available)
    $50 No costume (and shame on you!)
    *** Get there early - this will sell out ***

    Kostume Kult encourages all forms of creativity while bringing wonderful
    people together. At this party, all types of costumery are welcome,
    fairyland or not, with artistic license extending to any fantastical
    concept. Absurd or sexy, foolish or fabulous, overdressed or bodypainted---

    DJs spinning Electro House and Funky Breaks including:
    - Rusty Neadle (Kostume Kult, Journeys by DJ)
    - Orange Krush (Kostume Kult, Disorient)
    - Barney Iller (Vitamin B, Mischief)
    - Tektite (Vitamin B)
    - Cindy Kim (Beat Pulse Invasion)
    - HAVOK (Osiris, Snap Music)
    - Dollpartz (Entwined)
    - HOHME (NYC)

    - Fairyland Destruction Video Art by VJ Krunch and Metal Tiger
    - Twisted Cartoon Characters
    - Interactive Art Installations
    - More TBA


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cool Kids Halloween Costumes

Some kids are just straight up cooler than I am. Its a fact I've come to grips with. So now I feature a few kids who with their awesome parents help, rocked Halloween!

Why no Tootsie-Pops?
Holy cow, this kid has swagger. The outfit is complete with his bad ass attitude. Baby Joker doesn't have time for you if you are not bringing the good candy.

Born Burton Fans
The kid on the left was clearly born 20 years too late for Edward Scissorhands, but that isn't stopping him from being the coolest kid I have ever seen. Someones parents are Tim Burton fans.

Wall-e traveled across the universe for love and this kids parents went to the ends of their creative world for this costumes. A-MAZ-ING! Read about the process of making this authentic costume here.

8th Annual NYC ZombieCon Saturday October 20, 2012


The clock ticks and the ancient gods stir.
The Mayan calendar winds down and the end is near...

~ Or so they keep saying !!!~

In honor or all the Mayan apocalypse lore soon coming to an end, ZOMBIECON NYC takes a break from social commentary with a good old fashioned, bloodthirsty, bar crawl with much tequila, Mexican fare and swarthy Mayan warrior braiiiiiiiiins... Pay homage to the end of another era of apocalypse hype in any undead, blood-, brain- and booze-thirsty form.

Human Sacrifices, Feathered Serpents, Luchadores and Taco Trucks are encouraged.

Zombie Con begins at noon and crawls all over Manhattan scaring the living day lights out of humans who will soon become the evil hordes next meal.

Zombie Bawl continues shambling into the night after the pub walk, 7pm-Midnight

BAR 13
35 East 13th Street
@ University Place
Union Square area, NYC
(2 floors + roofdeck)

Presale: $10 (fee waived)

Door: $15 Bloody (or any costume)
Door: $20 Boring
Cheap Drinks all night.

- Undead DJs
- Cindy Kim
- Boris Burning Elf

Mexican Wrestling
Zombie Go-Go
Brain Feasting
Body Shots

Zombie Competitions for tickets to Nightmare Haunted House and a most creepy Frankenstein Fleshlight! 

STOCK UP Zombiecon NYC partner-
ABRACADABRA NYC is offering 15% off all purchases and 25% off all rentals with mention of ZOMBIECON!
19 West 21st St to stock up on zombie and Halloween supplies. 

If you need help on how to use the makeup you bought at Abracadabra check out my Zombie Make up Tutorial!

FOLLOW  @zombieconnyc & myself @KostumeGirl on Twitter and don't miss a thing on October 20!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY Baby Halloween Costume tutorial: Captain Cupcake!

Kostume Girl's Closet is extremely pleased and excited to announce Erica Campanella as a featured guest blogger this Halloween! She is here with a tutorial on how to make your own Captain Cupcake Halloween costume for your little cupcake. ENJOY!

When my niece was born, I saw this wonderful little addition to our family…but mostly I saw a bundle of cuteness that I could dress up in anything I wanted. Poor kid. She was a guinea pig from the word go.

Have you heard that parents are often overwhelmed? Funny, I've heard that statistic too. Weird.

So when I " innocently" called my sister to inquire to see what Lily, my niece, was going to be for her first Halloween. I quickly tacked in "because I have an idea! And I'll make it!". Sold.

And so started the creation of Captain Cupcake, infant super hero! 

This costume is ridiculously easy with very little cost. It can go from an infant to heck, an adult, if you can find some onesie pjs big enough. God bless that person.

Here's what you need-
Items you will need.
1) 3 different colors of felt
2) 1 relatively plain onesie
3) 2 buttons of your choice ( I went with stars)
4) 1 yard of inch thick elastic, again your choice in color
5) A REALLY snazzy piece of spandex. I went with bright freaking yellow. I bought a half yard. You want something that goes down to the child's ankles. So this varies depending on how old the child is.

you also need-
- a piece of fusible interfacing. It can be found at any fabric store or online

-an iron to adhere the interfacing

-a needle and thread ( don't freak out. you're hardly going to use it)

-a pair of scissors that will cut through fabric nicely

-a glue that works on fabric like this one
If you are not going to use the outfit more then once and it won't need washing then regular tacky glue will work 

I've provided a pattern to cut out Captain Cupcakes crest in the felt. I've also thrown in an extra lightening bolt one too. You may need to side it up or down depending on the size of the child.

Cut out each shape in the felt color of your choice. 
Cut a shape for the outer crest and inner crest in the interfacing. 

Follow the instructions for whatever your interfacing is and attach the two crests together( shape 1 to shape 2 ) using the heat from an iron. You can do this with glue too but I prefer interfacing so the crest does not get too stiff.

Assemble the cupcake using fabric glue, glueing one layer on top of another

Position cupcake in center of crest and glue down. Let all this dry fully.

Glue crest
When crest is dry, take interfacing cut from shape 1. Position it in center of onesie. Place interfacing directly below crest shape and using interfacing directions attach to onesie. Let crest cool.

Cool your crest

This is super easy. No pattern needed. Make sure fabric width and length fits the size of the onesie. Remember, we want this cape ankle length. Fold fabric in half.

Cut out cape

Using the scissors cut out half the shape of the cape ( think about when you used to cut out paper snow flakes). Unflold. Voila! Cape.
A Cape!

Using pins to hold position, place upper corners of the cape on shoulder of onesie.

Pin carefully.

Put a couple of tight stitched through cape and onesie to hold into place.

Stitch to secure.

When cape is attached to onesie, sew on decorative stars to hide stitches and give it some super her panache!


Optional but but fun step! Cut elastic band to create head band and utility belt. I even added on a couple of more felt symbols.

I give you…   CAPTAIN CUPCAKE!!!!!!!!!

Erica Campanella is an illustrator who was been working in the fashion industry for 10 years. Her work has been seen in Target,, Marie Claire, Rebecca Taylor and many more. You can see more of her work at her website, follow her pinterest page here  & on twitter at CampanellaErica.
Oh, and her next costume victim is the family Corgi, Ted.