Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Horned Ball 7 Recap Photos and Herds of Sexy Unicorn!

Oh what a night...
First huge props go to the Kostume Kult Horned Ball decorating crew. Campfires and torch chandeliers made of fans, fabric and light dimly lit the 2 floors of the venue transforming Santo's Party House into a Nordic Viking Paradise including ice cave dance floor! It was really an amazing effort that resulted in the best produced Horned Ball I have been to yet.

But first, it was an eventful evening before I even arrived downtown. I dressed at my apartment in Queens and called a car service. The driver didn't seem to notice my strange attire and was way more concerned with his GPS then actually driving, resulting in us hitting a curb and nearly driving over the sidewalk before we got 2 blocks from my place. The following part of the story I am not proud of. My bad driver was listening to the GPS instead of my directions thus taking us around in circles and not closer to the highway. Frustrated and running late I have to admit I yelled at him a little. However once we are on the BQE I thought we were good to go. How wrong I was. Suddenly we are spinning around out of control in the middle of the highway while cars swerve and angrily beep at us! We spin, hit the guardrail and come to a stop facing the wrong way in traffic. Turns out he realized we are in the wrong lane at the very last possible second and cut someone off so severely they hit the back of our car sending us into a tail spin. Cop just happened to be 100 feet behind us, stops traffic, asks if I am OK. Then notices I'm dressed as a UNICORN!

Cop: "So where you headed tonight?"
Me: "A Costume party."
Cop: "It's April you know"
Me: "Yes sir, I am aware."

I thought for sure he was going to search me for drugs. But clearly he has been on the NYPD for a while and was fairly unfazed by the whole thing. Drivers exchange info. Traffic resumes. My driver is too scared to pull out into traffic, I have to talk him through the rest of our trip. Come to find out its his first week driving in NYC and now he's been scared to badly he doesn't think he wants to do it anymore. Good lord, get me out of this car! I gave him some money, wished him luck and told him to go slow on his way home. Thank goodness nobody was hurt.

Arriving early at the party was nice, got to take in the decorations, meet some people and watch the body painters in action. I was supposed to be a Kostume Kult greeter, but there wasn't much organization going on and no good place to greet so I did my best to be social and put the good word of KK out there. Perhaps next time I will bring my megaphone and mega greet people. The Gong show was crazy and funny and there are a lot of talented vikings out there. Who knew?

On to my costume, Sexy Unicorn Part 2! I was a Sexy Unicorn for Horned Ball 5, but it was a pretty half baked attempt. This time was way better and I met a lot of fellow Unicorns. Thinking we should join together and go for runs in a herd or more likely just prance. I'm pretty sure thats what Unicorns like to do. My Unicorn horn was the inspiration for the whole costume. It was actually a Christmas ornament I found and stuck into a piece of styrofoam that I wired and hot glued to a headband. I basically secured it will 2 sticks of hot glue and prayers. Obviously not being used to an extra foot of height, I bonked my horn on doorways and decorations and even a few people. Oops sorry. It lasted the whole night though! Didn't even leave it in the cab on the way home.

More importantly I would like to point out my red and white striped spandex body suit! YES!! Total cost: $10. I'm very proud of this successful piece of rogue sewing. I basically cut, draped on my own body and trial and error sewed it together till it fit. The stripes are so damn awesome! The wig is the same one I wore to the Alt. Oscar Party. Did you notice the black belt? Hello fanny pack! Haha Hey I can't have a purse taking away from this look. I should've taken better close up pictures but the night always seems to fly by! Next time I will set aside an hour before for the photo shoot. I wore 2 pairs of eyelashes to the party which was a challenge! I put the bottom ones on first, let them fully dry and then did the top. It looked very cool but restricted my peripheral vision quite a bit. It also make my eyes tired quickly I will wear smaller ones on the bottom next time.

I ended up going home early-ish due to over serving myself and being fairly unable to walk in my heels after a while. While they were the hottest of shoes, my already poor dancing skills suffered and my middle right toe has been numb since the party. The bodysuit suffered some dirt stains due to a spill or two, oh boy! I have to look up how to wash spandex cause I definitely want to wear this again. It was a 9 in the comfort level, but a -2 in the easy-to-go-to-the-bathroom category.

Anyway everyone looked amazing. Check out some more photos on Metro Mix and Time Out NY.

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