Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kostume Kult presents: Baaaaaad KKids Valentines Party

KK's 4th Annual Valentines Party
Saturday, February 14th, 9pm - 4am

Kostume Kult welcomes in the Year of the Goat with a fantastic, dramatic and slightly spastic Valentines celebration. Channeling this peaceful and whimsical creature with a penchant to climb, lick and chew, participants are encouraged to bring your goat-cheesiest or sexy-valentine's best.

27 Union Square West @ 16th Street
(across street from 456LNRQ trains)

TIX: Buy Now
Presale tiers $20/ 25/ 30
More at the door/ cheap drinks all night

All Valentines style encouraged or play along with the theme… Formally the "Year of the Goat/ Ram/ Sheep" -- come as anything horny, wooly, cute or cuddly. Farmyard or mountain. Billy Goats, Nanny Goats, Baaaaby Goats ('kids'), mythical Fauns or anything baaaaaaad or naaauuuughty valentine in red, white or pink... Or be a Black Sheep and do something completely different !!! With participation comes maximal love.

Illich Mujica (MothLab Recordings)
$mall ¢hange (No Parking/WFMU)
Milk (Binative/Kostume Kult)
Reaganomics (ESO)
Kinner G (Atlantis)
Shisaa (Vitamin B/The JunXion)
Joro Boro (Hookahdome)
- more tba 

VJ Krunch - Sexy Goat Mashups!

* Propose something or volunteer to help create:
Petting Zoo
Udder Wall
Salt Licking
Hoof Fetish
Horny Goat Weed treatments
Black Sheep Group Therapy
Kupid's Kloset
Lickety Goat Photobooth
and the return of the personally molded Chocolate Vaginas... And Nipples!. (Models requested.)


Marianna Lavin: Producer
Eliza Spear: Volunteers
Miguel Peschiera: Decor
Dba Milk: Music
Alizarin Zroob: Flyer
Ticket Problems?:

Kostume Kult's Valentine party is an absurdist take on an overblown consumerist holiday where the love and community are real and not forced by social convention. Kept fresh by baking in the Chinese New Year theme (Feb 18th this year) this is an excellent place to bring a date or find one. Or get involved in a creative project! All pervy references are with artistic license and meant in good humor

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