Friday, April 17, 2015

Kostume Kult presents: Black & Light Ball #10 - Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

Black & Light Ball 10 - Saturday May 16, 2015.

Our annual pre summer formal is turning 10 this year! What a milestone!
This glowing bash is a very special part of our Burning Man fund raisers for Kostume Kult and a great excuse to make yourself a new UV reactive costume!
Personally I start shopping with my travel black light in my purse cause you never know what kind of materials glow (or don't glow for that matter) under UV lights. 

Our theme this year is inspired by Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Phillip K. Dick, the sci-fi novel behind Blade Runner. It will be a futuristic and psychedelic dystopian wonderland that will glow like crazy! 

So what to wear?
Dust off your black light from high school and head to your costume closet to see what glows. Whites, neon greens and hazard oranges seem to glow brightest, although a good lightening yellow can pop well too. I am thinking of taking a white dress I've never worn and puffy painting the heck out of it to create a trippy glow patterned formal dress.
Remember to test your materials. I have bought fabric that I was SURE would glow great only to get home and find the black light results to be lackluster. I can't stress enough how handy a travel black light flashlight on a keychain is for testing your paint, paper or fabric before you buy.
Black & Light Ball has traditionally been our "formal" event, when we kind of poke fun of proms, formal dances or even cotillion. With this futuristic theme, top hats with gears and robot parts would be appropriate or poofy white glowing tulle skirts! Let your imagination go wild cause you cannot possibly overdress for a Kostume Kult party. Just look at some of the outfits of Black & Light Balls past.

Remember to buy your tickets early to get the best possible price. If you are worried that you plans might change, you can always sell your ticket to another party goer on the Facebook event page!

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