Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Group Costume Ideas for SantaCon

Group costume ideas for Santa Con!

No two are alike after all but you and your friends could be a blizzard of fluffy white snowflakes! I've seen big foam snowflakes at the Dollar Store which you could attach to your white outfit. Of course if you are participating in SantaCon NYC your whites wont stay that white on the subway! Sorry.

Santa's Reindeer:

Of course you will have to fight over who gets to be Blitzen cause we all know how he had a problem with the egg nog. Extra points if you manage to tether all 9 of you together to a sleigh and drag it around town all day.

12 Days of Christmas:

Ok so the first few days are easy. Just hope you don't get screwed and end up having to come up with 11 Lords a Leapin'. *This is for very ambitious costume groups only.*

Home Alone

Nuff Said

A Christmas Story
Lots of good costume opportunities here. Raphie in the pink bunny suit from his Aunt Clara. There is even directions on making your own pink bunny suit on Instructables! Ralphie in his cowboy outfit with BB gun. Then again, leave the BB gun at home. The NYPD can be a little uptight. What about being "Blind Ralphie"? "It... It 'twas... soap poisoning!" Then they will be sorry!! Also someone has to be the most rotten one of them all, Scut Farkus. Someone could be the lamp! I saw on a blog once a girl with one leg and a great sense of humor who was the leg lamp for Halloween. Way to laugh about it! Fra-gee-lay! That must be Italian.

Check out some of my previous SantaCon posts for tips and MORE costume ideas!

Santa Says: "I'll be sending periodic bulletins through the rare North Pole twitter-bird at twitter.com/santacon."

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