Monday, April 27, 2009

Sexy Unicorn

As Horned Ball was swiftly approaching, I was a little concerned I would not have enough time to make my costume look better than if I had rolled around in a craft store and wore whatever stuck. However with a little ingenuity and of course a lot of hot glue, I think I pulled it off. Here is the original sketch:

I went to Claire's Boutique to get rainbow hair extensions and just my luck they had RAINBOW clip in BANGS! lol Why someone would need this I dont know, but I love it. I made my horn out of a paper towel roll which I hot glued to a point then I stuck it to a headband and spray painted the whole thing gold. The tail was just a lot of tule and every random ribbon and fake jewel I had in my "Kostume Kloset". I made "hooves" out of some craft foam, painted gold again. I think the look really came together with the face paint. And as always Rule #2 Fake Eyelashes are a must!! Don't forget Rule #1 "More is More." So I threw on my pink shoes from this Halloween's Sexy Flamingo costume and some pink leg warmers.


So Erin and I went to Horned Ball and danced the night away with all the local crazy/half nude people of Kostume Kult into the wee hours of the morning when I feel asleep with all my makeup on and woke up with an incredible sparkly pillow.
For more pictures of the party visit my Flickr page. Click Here

-Kostume Girl


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