Sunday, August 15, 2010

Post FreaKKshow comments and pictures.

So FreaKKshow came and went. There was a ton of effort put into this party from a lot of different people. I went to the event space the day before the party and thought to myself, "How the hell are they going to pull this off?!" See photo on Right
I underestimated people who are determined to party down. Everything was built, painted, decorated, sound systemed and ready to go by Saturday. When I returned it looked great!

My crew (Erin, Jacob, Tony and I) got ready at my place in Queens then headed over to the party later in the evening. Unfortunately I thought we would be able to buy tickets at the door instead of go all the way to the bar and take the shuttle. A whole bunch of cab rides and frustration later, I understood that was not an option. I'm sure they have their legal reason, but come on. My house was closer to the party location! Whatever.
So I actually recycled a costume for this party which normally I am against but with Burning Man coming up I need to conserve money and creative resources for other costumes. I wore my feathered corset that I made for Flamingo - Halloween 2009 and my top hat which always comes in handy. I got the top hat at Build-A-Bear workshop in Albany, NY way before it was a cute Goth/Lolita thing to wear.Our group was very circusy (new word I just made up). We had a ring master, two elephant rider/tightrope walker girls and a really scary clown. When we got to the party it was pretty much in full swing. DJs blasting music outside, lots of people at the bar being served by the lovely Evolution.

We wandered over to the giant green pickle structure to meet the guys of Metropickle. Here's Jacob, Trevor and I doing a Pickle Back. Which is whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice. It was actually very tasty if you can get through the first part! They will be on the Playa supplying salty pickle goodness to all Burners. I am definitely visiting them out there.

So we danced, enjoyed the art and performances, I got too drunk, etc. Here are a few more pictures from my camera and a link to my friend Sergio's photos which are really great and capture the feel of the event.

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