Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Burn of my Life

It was life changing to say the least. Here you are humming along in your little world thinking you've got things pretty well figured out when something this HUGE comes and just knocks you off the rails. (In a good way of course) The Burning Man community fully embraced me and helped me find my spot among the chaos. To try to explain it to people who ask "How was your trip?" is nearly impossible. There just isn't enough time or enough descriptive words. I'm not much for hippy hugfest stuff either, but it was like all 51,000 people there would gladly pick you up with you fell off your bike and give you a hug. The playa was devoid of judgements which is such a pleasant feeling when you live in an extremely quick to judge city like NYC. For a week the only time I had to smell pee was when I was actually inside a porta-potty. haha
Anyway just a few things. I wrote everything I could possibly remember down on the 2 plane rides back, perhaps I will transcribe some portions later. It was HOT during the day. I can see why its so easy for dehydration to sneak up on you. I had a water bottle strapped around my neck thankfully and people to remind me to take a break in the shade when I looked haggard. I spent a lot of time at 8:08 & Esplanade at Kostume Kult working the crowd on the microphone/bullhorn as well as one shift inside the dome itself. Which was fun but I could garner much more attention with a microphone in my hands.
At night the playa changed dramatically and the sounds and lights would come out in full force. Also the temperature dropped suddenly. I had to layer on the clothing and I'm certainly glad I brought my poofy vest. All of my senses were overwhelmed. I enjoyed the big art sculptures and art cars with fire the most. They were powerful, dirty and dangerous in a Mad Max type way which is what always appealed to me about Burning Man. I was lucky enough to catch a few rides on some art cars. A big VW hippy bus the size of a double decker tour bus picked me up and also a ship and a small rat. I was tagged my Black Rock City Animal Control. I climbed art and got scared half way up. I walked and walked and walked on the dusty playa.
More Burning Man posts soon to follow..

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