Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NYC Fashion Week Fall 2011 - Ohne Titel

Fashion Week! A fun time in NYC to go to a fashion show, be seen and schmooze with the upper crust of the fashion elite. Or in my case, just go to a few parties and enjoy a free drink and a cocktail weenie or two.

An exciting thing for me this time around was getting to actually participate in a VERY small way in the preparation of one of these amazing collections.
OHNE TITEL is a women's collection designed by Flora Gill and Alexa Adams. Flora attended SU when I was a student and we had some of the same art history classes. Anyway she asked my friend Chris if he could come help before the show but since he is now a resident of Syracuse attending grad school he could not make it. He notified me of a fellow designer in need and I headed over to their studio on the FAR edges of the west side of Manhattan last Saturday. I was put to work seam ripping and hand stitching some beautiful garments. The knitwear was beyond gorgeous with precise construction that was complicated but not overdone. The collection featured great choices of color and the feel of the yarn was amazing. Here is the look I helped in a very very extremely limited way put on the runway.
See more of their Collection. Watch the video of the show as well.
Flora and Alexa could not be nicer people and I'm very excited about all the success they have had. Very inspiring!

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