Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Upcoming Event - 7th Annual Horned Ball April 8, 2011 hosted by Kostume Kult

Kostume Kult presents:

Horned Ball 7: Road to Valhalla

Friday, April 8th... (8pm to Late)
Santos Party House
96 Lafayette Street
New York, NY

Gather your forces, don your armor, fur and horns and prepare for battle on the road to the Hallowed Halls of Valhalla.

Much more info coming soon on this annual Spring Rebirth as the drums begin to beat and we begin the march towards a sacred, distant land with our first Burning Man project fundraiser.

For those who are unaware, Horned Ball is Kostume Kult's longest running annual event where all are encouraged to wear horns regardless of the sub-theme. This year we pay homage to the Norse mythos- its gods, warriors and magickal creatures but also welcome overt acts of ridiculousness as a constant of this event is absurdity...

Featuring late night dancing and staged performances from 8-12 at the "Showtime at the Valhalla" Gong-Show presentation on the main stage, we are seeking leaders, doers, artists, and performers who will help us set the pyre alight and kick off this season in powerful style.

$15 limited presale

$15 limited presale

Read about what I am going to wear HERE.

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