Friday, April 29, 2011

BLACK & LIGHT BALL VI: Galactic Society May 6, 2011

Kostume Kult and Disorient have done is again! If you are looking for the ultimate NYC dance party next weekend, you can stop your quest now and start working on your outfit as...

Disorient & Kostume Kult present: BLACK & LIGHT BALL VI: Galactic Society

Space Babes! Galactic Hotties! Naked Martians! Oh my!!

Mars 2112
1633 Broadway
New York, NY
Friday May 6, 2011 9pm

What does one wear to such an out-of-this-world event you say?
Futuristic Formalwear, Interstellar Chic, Sci-fi, Egyptian, Mayan, Atlantean, Aliens, Angels, Gods/Goddesses...or anything bright white/UV-reactive.

Personally I love Barbarella as a Space Babe or LeeLoo from The Fifth Element. Here's a list of 10 sexy space babes from Metromix for inspiration.

Handy tips:

*Yellow highlighter when drawn on the skin is black light reactive but doesn't show much in normal light.

*Ben Nye sells black light reactive face paint at Ricky's stores in NYC.

*Detergent painted on cloth will glow under a black light

*Drink Gin/Vodka & tonic, it glows!

*When all else fails, wear white!

After you are dressed to GLOW, dance to Space Jams played by the following:
Zach Moore (Space Cowboys, The Deep End | SF)
Arrow Chrome (Disorient | NYC)
The Bass (Disorient | NYC)
Boris Burning Elf (Kostume Kult | Queens)
Captain Shaggy2K (Disorient, Space Pirates | Philly)
Elixir (Disorient, Space Pirates | Philly)
Horus (Disorient | NYC)
Orion Keyser (Disorient | NYC)
Reda Briki (Disorient, Love That Fever | NYC)
Subsector (Disorient, Space Pirates | Brooklyn, Philly)

You too can enjoy the final frontier if you buy your tickets here and buy them now because the first tier tickets are already sold out!

More info on who is throwing this crazy shindig:
BLACK & LIGHT BALL is a fundraiser for Kostume Kult and Disorient, both 100% volunteer-run art collectives. Proceeds go entirely towards creating our Burning Man theme camps and public art projects.

Kostume Kult is a costume art, theme event and media collective involved in public festivals, underground art parties and street theater events.

Disorient manifests sculpture, light, sound, video, mobile, wearable, and other art installations, including the Geodesic Temple at Warsaw, Playa del Fuego, Figment, Upstate NY, and the Black Rock Desert.

Get out on the dance floor, mingle, then maybe later in the evening boldly go where no man (or many men) have gone before.

So buy your Multipass today and we'll see you in SPAAAAAaaAAAAACE!

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