Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NYC Idiotarod is on Saturday January 28th, 2012. Theme announced!

One of NYC's most unique spectacles is in approaching fast... THE IDIOTAROD! If unfamiliar, this is a full afternoon "race" where small teams of costumers race their themed shopping carts through an undisclosed route stopping at several checkpoints (bars) along the way (where you find out the next stop). The starting point will be disclosed to the teams on the Friday night beforehand.

And note, the event is changing to be more about the fun and creativity than trying to sabotage other teams. The organizers are saying that there will be strictly no foodfighting or otherwise making a mess along the way. This is a special event and, if we want it to continue, we must respect the neighborhoods we travel through. Contact Lord R. McGeddon to register your cart - ClanMcGeddon@gmail.com

I will be there racing with the Kostume Kult. I don't know what I am going to wear yet but it has to be warm enough to survive an afternoon outside in January yet give an End of Days feel, ya know!? I'm thinking a dramatic cloak.

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