Friday, January 20, 2012

Shop it to me! Hip sites to find the look nobody else has!

Would you describe your look as Rockabilly, Lolita, Cabraret-Punk or Neuvo-Victorian (not even sure if that last one is an actual thing)? Well I might have the shopping site for you. I was searching for a little inspiration for work today and came across a very cool website called Plasticland. The site is not anything to do with cheap goods or adult toys as the name would suggest, in fact they describe themselves as "Purveyors of Kitsch Curiosities and Retro Clothing". I've already found MANY things to add to my wish list.
I really must have these sexy faux lace up tights! I've been known to have a pension for wearing neat hosiery and these need to be in my collection. If they were real lace up hosiery they would undoubtedly take 45 minutes to put on and would cost a fortune! Some hosiery designer out there deserves a pat on the back.
The shoe department has some amazing items. Modern takes on Victorian boots, Steam Punk heels, Asian platforms! They have pieces that will add the finishing detail on your costume at prices that are NOT out of control. Loving it! I love these Marie Antionette heels that would be so perfect for my Mermaid Day parade get up. Hope they are comfortable enough to walk the whole parade route! If I ever end up going to the Edwardian Ball someday in San Fransisco I would like to wear these sleek Steam Punk heels, Geared-Up Bourgeois Bee Bootie. I love the brass and leather look of Steam punk, but I'm still intimidated to try a steam punk costume.
So go check it out and get yourself a treat. You've been good!
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  1. Steampunk isn't about costumes its a way of life!