Thursday, September 27, 2012

Halloween 2012 Costume Ideas - Couples Costumes

Get those creative juices flowing cause its time again to get working on your Halloween costumes! The air is getting cooler and its time put up those annoying fake spider webs that never look just right.

Here are some NEW Costume Ideas for Halloween 2012

Anchorman costumes have been done before, some VERY well, but what about dressing up at Ron Burgundy during his downward spiral ending in him drinking milk on a day that is way too hot for dairy beverages?! Dirty up a white collared shirt and grow a beard! You would need a carton of milk to carry around so people wouldn't think you were just a generic homeless person. Then all you need to do is yell "BAAAAXTER!" and "Milk was a bad choice!" all night.

The Guy Who Fell Asleep At The Party:

This costume could not be easier. Put on a typical party night outfit then have a buddy draw d*cks and what not on your face and arms. I don't recommend using a real Sharpie since Halloween 2012 is on a Wednesday and you might have to go to work the next day so maybe try different colors of pencil eye liner.


Go ahead, watch the video again, I won't judge you. This blessing from Korea makes Americans unexplainably happy as was spoofed on SNL a few weeks ago. There are lots of characters to choose from in this completely random group dance video. You could be neon suit wearing Dorothy Hamill haircut guy, one of the white dress girls, elevator cowboy hat guy or a freakin horse! LONG LIVE K-POP!

All the Avengers: at the same time:

If you can figure out how to paint yourself green (Hulk), wear tight pants (Black Widow), an iron man helmet (Ironman), carry a hammer (Thor), bow & arrow (Hawkeye) & shield (Cap. America) then you have assembled the Avengers all by yourself! If you are looking for something a little easier just buy an eyepatch and be Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter:
This stove pipe topped dead pres hasn't enjoyed a big year like this since 1863. If you are a tall lanky individual just get yourself a blood spattered black suit, fake beard, crazy tall hat and a FAKE axe and you are good to go! 

Couples Costume Ideas for Halloween 2012

Are you a hipster couple? Then you should be characters from a Wes Anderson movie. 

The young lovers from Moonrise Kingdom are quirky and adorable. For the guy, see if you can find a boy scout looking outfit or something similar at your Army/Navy store. The coonskin hat and yellow handkerchief are a must. For the girl the white knee highs and red beret are going to be easy to find. You will probably be able to find a similar pink dress and maybe add the white collar. She also wears a pretty incredible pink coat that may not be as easy to track down. 

If weird family love is more your thing than what about Margot and Richie Tenenbaum? Royal Tenenbaums is one of my favorite movies of all time. Margot must have a cigarette in her hands at all times and don't forget to wrap your finger that was cut off in a wood chopping accident! The side swept bangs held with a bobbie pin is pretty important too. Richie Tenenbaum is such a fun character to dress as for a guy. Try and find a wooden tennis racquet to carry around. It will definitely help people to recognize who you are. 

Watch THIS video on YouTube for more Wes Anderson inspiration. I love his movies.

Gotye and His Ex-Girlfriend

This song and video was absolutely everywhere in 2012. From video spoofs to the fact that you were secretly never sick of it. This is an easy costume as it pretty much just requires 2 wigs and body paint. Hopefully you live in a warmer climate and so you can do Halloween with less clothing. Bonus points if you bring a painted foam core wall along with you and blend in with it. 

Jersey Shore Zombies

Its a fact that we will all eventually succumb to a zombie apocalypse. That is why zombie costumes are so popular. Why not add another costume to your zombie costume? I suggest adding something almost as terrifying as the inevitable zombie apocolypse... The Jersey Shore!


  1. That all couple costumes are really looking great for all. And 5th one is really amazing costume and they really different looking, so full point in that costumes. Thanks for sharing a beautiful costumes.

  2. Good ideas. My daughter and her friends are going as the Avengers. Of course, she is going as Loki. She always favors the underdog! LOL