Monday, December 2, 2013

SantaCon NYC 2013

Whether you look forward to SantaCon each year like a child preparing for the Fat Man in Red's arrival or you loath it with the fire of a thousand suns, its coming to town again. 
New York City prepare yourself for SantaCon 2013. The jolliest bunch of a-holes this side of the Hudson River is descending upon your fair city on Saturday December 14th. So grab your spiced eggnog and join in or get outta town!

As a seasoned veteran of SantaCon I have seen it take a turn from jolly holiday celebration with carol filled rides on the subway and reindeer games to a more alcohol centric mob scene with trash, trash and even some Jersey trash. While I am saddened by Santa's new habit of littering and disturbing the peace, I still feel this is an event which is dear to my heart and is worth experiencing. You don't have to stay with the big group, there are plenty of places welcoming to Santas all over the city. Here then are my tips for surviving and enjoying your SantaCon NYC experience.

1. Pace Yourself:
I cannot stress this enough for every adult beverage Santa has, he should drink a water in between and take time stop and enjoy the festivities. What's the rush?! We are going to be riding this sleigh all day.

2. Eat Food:
Yes, even a dirty water dog can count as nutrition when you are trying to go the distance on SantaCon Saturday. Don't worry about staying with the Santas. You will catch up. Sit down. Have some wings. Get a water with it. Getting caught up in the fun SantaCon can make your forget that you had an english muffin about 6 hours ago and should probably buffer that booze with a little bread and cheese. Have a water while your at it.

You are still in a very busy city with very busy streets. Cops don't care that you are dressed like Santa. They will still gladly hand Santa a public intoxication ticket. Taxis will still hit a person in a red suit. Don't walk into traffic. Don't be that Santa. Don't. 
4. Stop for Photos and Fun:
Keep in mind the season that brought us all this fun. Take silly pictures with your friends. Take time to sing a carol for a stranger. If a kid is into you. Stop and say Hi. Be appropriate. I shouldn't even have to be writing this.

Well duh. What I really mean is put in some effort. A santa hat and terrible cheap red suit is not going to get you any points. Get creative, get weird, find your inner Lady Gaga. The best part of SantaCon is seeing some of the funny, amazing and creative outfits people put together. Sure you could buy a Buddy the Elf outfit at but you will be one of 999 Buddy the Elves. Only a few weeks ago Buzzfeed had a list of 31 DIY Costumes for SantaCon of which I am very proud to be #16 The Candy Cane. HELLO! Get on my level!
Photo by Stephen Dettling
Here is a link to a fun DIY tutorial on how to make a HUGE gift bow headband for your festive SantaCon outfit!


5A. Dress up with a Group.

This is a pain in the ass to organize but I promise major fun. If you can get your friends on a group costume you will be a hit everywhere you go! Here are some Group Costume Ideas to get you started.

Just cause you have a case of beer in your backpack doesn't mean you can just drop the cans all over the freaking place. Pack the empties back up with you until you are at a location such as a garbage can where it is appropriate to leave behind your trash. Santa would totally frown upon leaving behind your garbage and shedding bits of garland everywhere. Pick it up! Who the hell do you think is going to clean up after you and your crappy costume!?

7. Santa gives back
SantaCon NYC also asks that you donate some moola to go to designated charities of the event. For more information and to donate online visit

So remember SantaCon NYC as with any experience is what you make it. So go out there and have fun but take care of yourself and your friends and don't be that Santa! If you want to avoid Santas all together check out this map of Santa Safe areas in NYC by the Village Voice.

Love and Candy Canes,


  1. December 14th, 2014 is a Sunday

    1. Sorry this post is old and the year is listed wrong.