Friday, September 24, 2010

FairyCon October 2, 2010 New York City

Had a thing for fairies since you were a small child?
Was Tinkerbell your favorite Disney Character?
Still find yourself dressing as a winged creature every Halloween?
Here ANOTHER excuse to dress like a Fairy!!!

Join a gang... or gaggle... or perhaps a troop of Fairies that like to party across Manhattan. Starting Saturday October 2nd at 2pm. Please go to the website to sign up for text alerts for the Fairies whereabouts as they will not be released before hand (Fairies are very exclusive creatures). The Fairy afterparty will be at the Kostume Kult & Pex Reentry party (see last post).
Go for the drinking, go for the glitter, go for the wings, just go to express yourself as the woodland winged creature hiding inside you!

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