Monday, September 27, 2010

Is it Halloween Yet?

With only 3 days left in September (where did the time go?!) I am starting to feel the pull of my favorite season.


I'm not even going to call it Fall or Autumn. Changing leaves and harvest stuff is great and all but really, it's all about my favorite holiday of the year. Tomorrow I will dig out the Halloween decoration box from the top of the Kostume Closet. Hopefully I won't get hurt when the inevitable avalanche of wigs, hats and unused luggage falls from the top shelf with it. Then it's time to spider web up my desk at work. Then I will spookify my Facebook picture. Then I have a LOT of work to do.

There are a few people that I am dressing other than myself this year which I am happy to do but I need to get cracking like.. yesterday. I am making a dog costume too. If it goes well I may add a few hand made dog costumes to my etsy site. (more about that later). To prepare I took at trip to Joann Fabrics with my mother this weekend. It was very inspiring but I didn't get all the materials I needed because some of my costume ideas are just that, ideas. I don't have an accurate idea of how much fabric I will actually need.

As usual, I am doing more than one costume for Halloween weekend. With Halloween on a Sunday it's the perfect Halloween party storm! Here are the ideas floating around in my head. Friday night I do not have plans yet so I will probably wear the same thing as Saturday. On Saturday I will be going to a house party and I think I am going to dress as a Sexy Praying Mantis. This is how I see it in my head...

I am going to do green stockings and arm warmers, Green booty shorts or even a green leotard and then long wings down my back. The wings I am going to make out of shiny iridescent fabric with interfacing and maybe some wire. I hope to run a string of LED lights through them too. For the headpiece I am going to do a headband with buggy eyeballs and long antenna and LOTS of glitter and eyelashes cause as far as I'm concerned you are not dressed up if you don't have eyelashes on.

On a side note: When you Google image search "Sexy Praying Mantis", not shockingly a lot of disturbing pictures come up. This has to be one of the winners.
I'm not sure I want to know what is going on here.

On Sunday, the actual day of Halloween I have a very busy schedule. First I'm going to an Edward Gorey themed brunch at Highline Ballroom with my friend Erica.The brunch is put on by a very cool group in NYC called Dances of Vice. I have wanted to go to one of their parties for a long time. They seem like a very serious bunch of costumers. I'm very excited to have plans during the day on Halloween because I always get so excited and want to dress up during the day but work tends to get in the way. I'm going for a Victorian Gothic theme for my costume for brunch. I bought a great black and white stripe fabric for the skirt. Rogue Sewing begins soon! Here is an idea of what I'm going for...

Then later that very same night I am going to the Dresden Dolls!!! Its their 10th "Bandiversary" show and it should be an amazing time. The parade is great and all but I have a hard time dealing with the crowds and if the weather is crappy, forget it. Halloween Day/Night should be a Neo-Goth/Victorian/Steam Punk Cabaret/Vaudevillian good time!!
So anyway that's the plan thus far. If you know if a good party with a costume contest I could win on Friday night, let me know :)

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