Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To the Next Level!

So lately I've been contemplating how to bring my costumes to the next level of awesomeness. Wig customization has stepped it up for sure, but what is next?!
I offer you...
Costume Contacts and Out of Control Eyelashes

As a non contact wearer this is a big step for me! Placing something on top of my own eyeball is not something I have any practice with and frankly makes me a little nervous. But before my next big event I will have purchased and practiced to see if I can do it. Zombie Ragdoll Mermaid Part II here I come!!
As I am doing some research I'm noticing a couple different kinds of lenses. There are Plano (non-prescription) as well as prescription powers. The color is “sandwiched” inside the lens, so no color actually touches your eyes, making the special effects lens more comfortable to wear.

Then there is a more intense version that actually covers most of your eye! Its called Scleral lenses. They are large diameter contact lenses that cover all or almost all of your eye for an incredible effect.

Here's a good example of contacts used to take a costume to the next level. My friend Liz was a Bridezilla for Halloween. This costume could have gone cheesy in an instant, but check out her awesome makeup and 1 contact! Love it. Since she is a contact wearer normally she just ordered her prescription in a costume contact and wore one with a normal contact.

Another way which I think I can raise the quality of my costumes is CRAZY(ER) EYELASHES! Fake eyelashes are simply a must for me with ANY costume. The only time I didn't wear them was at Burning Man when my dust goggles interfered with them too much. My favorite pair of lashes are a black feather set by Make Up For Ever#25116 purchased at Sephora. They are dramatic but not heavy. It only takes a few seconds for me to get used to them on my eyelids.

If you remove them carefully and pull off the any dried glue, again carefully, you can keep using the same pair of lashes till you are sick of them! I keep the boxes they come in for storage because they tend to stick to anything so keep them separated.

Anyway on to my point, Bigger more Bad Ass Lashes!
While updating my Etsy page, I came across a seller named Natalie with a shop called Spirys. She makes CRAZY fun beaded and feathered eyelashes. This eyelash jewelry comes in all sorts of colors with feathers and tiny beaded extensions. I MUST HAVE!!! She even makes custom orders.
Also handy, if you are new to wearing eyelashes or eyelash jewelry she has a link to a video tutorial.
Think I will try making one of these tutorials seeing as I have my own technique that never fails!

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