Friday, July 29, 2011

3rd Annual Massive Mad Hatter Tea Party Sunday July 31, 2011

~~~~~~~~~~~The Free Art Society Presents~~~~~~~~~~~
The Third Annual Massive Mad Hatter Tea Party

SUNDAY: The Massive Mad Hatter Tea Party
Tompkins Square Park
Sunday, July 31 · 6:00pm - 8:00pm
You're late! you're late! for a very important date!

Don your maddest hat and prepare to lose your head
in this madcap East Village costume party.


Follow the white rabbit to Tompkins Square Park!
Featuring every major character from Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
in a whirling eclectical spectacle.

The Red Queen will chop off heads.
Humpty Dumpty will fall.
Join the Black v. Red tug-of-war.
Question the Cheshire Cat and converse with the Caterpillar.
See Alice & the Jabberwock in a thrilling swordfight duel to the death!!!
And of course, there will be tea.

This should be a fun event. I am happy I already have a Cheshire Cat costume to wear!
However maybe it would be fun to be a female Mad Hatter!

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