Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kostume Kult Presents FreaKKshow IV: Circus Nightmare July 23, 2011


Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen and prepare to be astounded, freaked out and a little turned on. That right its:

FreaKKshow 4: Circus Nightmare
Brought to you by the one and only Kostume Kult.


Don't bring the children, they are liable to get taken away by Child & Family services. This is a 21+ event on Saturday July 23rd beginning at 9pm and never ending. Yes, it will NEVER end due to the nightmares of scary clowns you will have the following evening and for the rest of your life! *too dramatic?? I don't think so!

Your inner circus freak is invited to play at this circus gone BAD. So throw away your razor Bearded Lady and start limbering up Human Pretzel! We need you! If you would like to volunteer your freaky talent or creepy art installation please click here to get the ball rolling.

I wasn't kidding about his party never ending either. There will be breakfast the next day so stick around and make friends with the Two Headed Boy. He's lonely cause he is in a fight with his other head!


Even More Details:
Cumba Mela featuring: Thornato, Atropolis 2melo, Brooklyn Shanti, Polo and drum crew
Tim the Echanter (Vitamin B)
Tektite (Vitamin B)
Boris "Burning Elf" (Kostume Kult / Toad)
Been Jammin'
Doctor Disorient (Disorient | Philly | Camp Fuck It)
Aesis (Reformata | NYC)
Barney Iller
Small Change
DK (Kostume Kult / Toad)
....and more TBA soon

Performances and Installations:
MC (master of creepiness) Doc. Advencha
Brooklyns most disturbing uncle -
the Lecherous Guncle
and much much more to be announced soon!

Haunted Funhouse
Starlit Lounge (outdoors)
Cloud 9 (indoors)
Cirque du Risquee Cabaret (open mic/stage beggining at 10)

The only thing yet to be released is the secret location. That's how you know a party is gonna be good. Don't worry it won't be off in the far reaches of never-gonna-get-there-Brooklyn.

So buy a ticket today while the 1st tier less expensive options are still available!

This is a 100% volunteer produced fundraiser for Kostume Kult's Burning Man camp.

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