Wednesday, July 6, 2011

48 Things You'll Only See in New York City

Today I received a message on Facebook from my friend Melissa saying "I THINK #36 IS YOU?!?!".
She actually found me on a list of 48 Things You'll Only See in New York City.
Yes, in fact that is me riding home from the Mermaid Day Parade in 2010 on the 7 train. I often ride public transit to or from costume parties and parades because I'm a New Yorker and that is what we do. Almost always on the 7 train nobody says a word to me, they just stare and take photos on their phones. Other trains are more friendly, asking where I am headed or actually asking to take my photo. I don't mind either way, I'm just trying to get to the party!

I love New York City and its oddballs and weirdos. Little did I know I would be permanently archived on Buzzfeed among the bizarre situations and people we see each day in this great Metropolis of ours. If you have been living in NYC for a while you will definitely notice these things then 4 seconds later totally forget and start wondering what bar you should go to happy hour for that night.
Also if you are a frequent attender of the cities many parades you will recognize #25 and #47. Number 25 is the dress wearing guy with the tie dyed poodle and parrot. He attends all events in New York City and I have to assume that is his only job. The guy who made #47 I cannot stand. He is always at the Mermaid Day Parade and freaks me the hell out. I am not going to attach their pictures to my blog because frankly I think they have gotten enough attention!

Anyway check out the list, especially if you are living in NYC. It's funny and has gotten a lot of views!

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