Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NYC SantaCon 2011 is coming to town!

My trusted sources say that SantaCon NYC 2011 will take place on Saturday December 10th, 2011.

It's definitely not to early to start looking for a great Holiday spirited outfit for the most insane pub crawl of the year! Party City, Ricky's NYC, Toys R Us all have Santa outfits and accessories. If you have time to plan ahead, hit up Amazon for cheap Santa suits and customize one. Bedazzle it! Glue on extra fur! Make it your own!

My favorite SantaCon outfits are always the ones with a dose of cleverness. Some of the favorites that I have seen in Cons past are Run DMC Santas, Santa Khan (Genghis's Merry Brother), and Clark Grizzwold (with rogue squirrel on his back).
What's that you say? You are Jewish? That's no reason to not join in the fun. I have lots of Jewish friends who like to dress up and represent. All you need to bring is your spirit and a comfortable pair of shoes!

If you are a lady who prefers a sexy SantaCon look then I suggest you look no further than Katy Perry for inspiration!She really rocked the holiday costume at Z100's Jingle Ball in NYC. Frosty never looked so good!

The morning meeting places will be announced only a short time before the actual Con so keep checking the website for updates and sign up for text alerts. Once the Santas meet up for reindeer games it will be on to Manhattan to spread cheer. Singing carols and lots of HO HO HOs are in store however I always say "Don't be that Santa!". Pace yourself and remember to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its a merry occasion and being inappropriate in front of kids is not the Santa way. Be nice, pass out candy, pose for photos. If things are getting to be too much for you, break off from the group for a bit and take a water break. You will be able to find them again later with the text message updates.

Kostume Girl at last years SantaCon

Here are some videos of past SantaCons in New York City. The tourists in Times Square were definitely not expecting all this when they came for a holiday in NYC!

Santas on the move! The MTA might not let you travel between cars, but they have no problem with carol singing!

So grab your jolly friends, pack a thermos of egg nog and get there early because the most fun is during the day light hours of SantaCon.

I will be tweeting during SantaCon so if the NYCSantaCon gets bogged down follow me @kostumegirl for locations!
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