Saturday, October 29, 2011

Last minute Halloween costume ideas

You've done it again. You put off getting your Halloween costume together till the last hour and now the line at Rickys and Halloween Adventure is around the block. Fear not loyal reader! I have come to your rescue with last minute costume ideas that won't require braving a Halloween mob scene. 

America's trashy sweetheart. All you need to do is listen to a song or two and  Ke$ha will helpfully describe her outfit for you. "Stockings ripped all up the sides" OK that easy enough. Go in your hosiery drawer, grab tights  (fishnets if you have em), and a pair of scissors. It's best to put them on first then CAREFULLY do the ripping. "We've got our hot pants on and up" Sure thing, Ke$ha! For your sake I hope you own hot pants (AKA bike shorts) if not just stop by Target sportswear or cut a pair of old black leggings into short shorts. "Throw some glitter, make it rain on 'em!" This is definitely a must mention in every awesome Ke$ha song. Can you believe this girl doesn't have a Grammy!?!! You could also carry a toothbrush and a mini Jack Daniels cause as we know that is Ke$ha's toothpaste of choice (recommended by 0 out of 5 dentists).

Those Wacky Kids from "Signs" with tin foil hats on
Go to your kitchen, grab the tin foil and start crafting a work of art! Best not to tell the roommates or Mom what you used a lll the tin foil for. Craft an amazing tin foil topper then wear regular clothing. So easy. 

The Big Bang Theory
Brightly colored comic book character shirts and a pair of corduroys.  Bazinga! 

Dental Dam
I saw this at a bar one year and was equally amused and repulsed. A dental dam is a little utilized piece of sexual health safety that is basically just a square of latex. A shower curtain looks just like a huge version of a dental dam. Fold a shower curtain in half like a poncho, cut a hole in the top for your head and staple along the top edge to keep square shape. At least people will know you are educated in the prevention of STDs!

traffic light dog costume
Traffic Light
A quick do it yourself costume. Dress in black. Cut out Green, Yellow and Red circles out if felt and safety pin to the front of you in the correct orientation.

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