Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Burning Man Meet up

As Burning Man creeps up on me (only 3 months away) I went to my first official Kostume Kult Burning Man Meet N Greet. It was awesome and very inspiring. Everyone at the meeting was super friendly and ready to get things started. From what the more experienced Kostume Kulters shared, contributing to the camp will really enhance your experience. KK has a piece of prime real estate, near the Man himself, however they do not have unlimited space. After talking to a few more people I let one of the organizers know I was interested in camping with them this year. So now I just have to keep going to events and meeting the members so I can see where I fit into the scheme of things. I figure I'm a crafter, designer, decorator (of sorts) surely my skills can be applied somewhere.

My costumes are so big and vivid in my mind, I better start sketching so they are sure to come to fruition.
More to come soon... wings... things.... googles.... and fins

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