Friday, June 11, 2010

Plan B for my wings.

Its a good thing I go to these Pre burn meetings for the Kostume Kult because last night I learned, courtesy of Squirrel :) , that the playa is not feather-friendly. Ok time to revamp my wings. Oh and I am planning on building some big wings. I always wanted to do a Victoria Secret fashion show type wing but NYC parties are just not good for wings. Its basically an evening of apologizing for running into people with them and possibly poking their eyes out.

SO I am thinking to give structure and keep lightweight I am starting with a long piece of thick wire which I will run through one of those pipe covers that looks like a skinny pool noodle. That way I can shape the top of the wings to my liking then cover with fabric. I want foam sheeting covered with fabric like the stuff that I used to make my wings/shell when I was a cockroach. I was able to run it through my sewing machine. Its flexible and lightweight. Stay tuned for pictures of progress.

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