Monday, June 14, 2010

Mermaids Progress

I did a lot of work today on the revamp, recharge, and make way bettering of my Mermaid costume. Luckily since the organizing of the costume closet, it was easier than ever to find all the pieces!
So I collected all the parts and started on the new additions. First I went shopping at House of Spandex in midtown. Found some fun sparkly stuff and some fun net-like very oceanic stuff. Spent about $18 dollars there which was pretty good. Luckily the guy let me by a 1/2 yard of the expensive fabric because I smiled real big and batted my eyes. Anyway, I knew I had foam in the craft closet already so I set out trying to cover the foam with the sequined fabric. I cut the foam first and ran two wires on each side for more support. Also I left the length of wire long so maybe I could also use it to attach to other parts of the outfit. Spray adhesive to the flat areas, pins and hot glue to the edges & corners and TA-DA! Its a scalloped shell shaped Queen Elizabeth collar!
Finally I added the pearls for even more shell detail. Now how to attach it to the net cloak to that it remains standing??

Find out next time...

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