Saturday, December 18, 2010

Skiing and Riding Santa Day @ Windham Mountain 12/19/10

Skiing is a huge joy in my life. I have been skiing since 3rd grade thanks to a cool ass program at my school WAJ called Ski Tuesday. Back when Windham Mountain was called Ski Windham, they would let all the kids out early on Tuesday to go to the mountain and ski and snowboard for a couple hours. So I was pretty damn excited when the Skiing Santa day popped up on the Kostume Kult Discussion board. How did I miss this?!

On Sunday December 19th we are welcoming all guests to dress in head to toe Santa suits. A $10 donation is requested and will be given to the local food pantry. Upon arrival all Santas must sign in at the Mountain Express Cafeteria at 8:45-9 AM for ticketing and donation collection. Participating Santa's receive a ticket good for that day and two additional mid-week non-holiday tickets.

Pre- registration is required, space is limited. Click here to register.


Last week I realized however that i do not have a Santa costume! I have never worn red and white to SantaCon and so I got myself over to Mood for more of that felt that is so easy and cheap. This time HOT PINK.
I am so in love with this color. Its going to look so good on the snow. Now the rules of Skiing Santa day say head to toe Santa dress with beard. I don't want to wear a beard! I think they will let me slide since A) I'm Cute and B) The rest of my costume rocks.

I looked pretty ridiculous trying to measure myself WITH my ski coat on. Thankfully felt and elastic is not an exact science. Perfect for my Rogue Sewing rules!

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