Thursday, December 2, 2010

SantaCon NYC countdown 2010

Where to buy Santa Costume in NYC?

If you are in NYC and need a costume for SantaCon go to Ricky's they have a lot of great stuff and sexy elf and santa-ette costumes for the ladies. Go now! You don't want to be stuck with the ugly oversized last one on the rack. I took this picture at the Ricky's on Broadway and 39th street.

On to my costume...ACK! Not in full on panic mode yet, but SantaCon is a mere 9 days away and my dress is in pieces on the table. Not one stitch sewed yet. I blame my other crafty projects as well as work keeping me far to late each night this week! Such is life.
Here's a picture of the inventory I have. Can you guess the theme???

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