Thursday, August 11, 2011

Upcoming Zombie Event! Vancouver Zombie Walk 2011

Vancouver: a Canadian gem with mountains, beautiful waterways, hockey and *record scratch noise* ZOMBIES?!??!

Coming up on Saturday, August 20th you too can take in all there is to see in Vancouver while staggering blank eyed propelled only by your insatiable hunger for brains at the Vancouver Zombie Walk. Meet up with your hoard at 4 PM at the Vancouver Art Gallery downtown. At 4:30 start on the route which will loop around the Vancouver Art Gallery, then turn down Robson, continuing to Denman, turning left on Denman and continuing on towards the beach, then taking a right at Davie, ending in the beach park along the seawall. At that point feel free to socialize with your fellow undead. Perhaps share new tips on how to decay slower or the best way to corner the unsuspecting living.
As with many zombie walks try to refrain from bleeding on anyone else property public or private and don't intentionally scare children and the elderly thats just a dick zombie move.

Check out more details and fun photos/videos at the official site. If you need some hints on what to wear check out my How to be a Sexy Zombie post. The great thing about zombies is they could have been ANYTHING before they were infected with The Rage Virus. Do you have last years Sexy Nurse costume collecting dust in the closet? Throw some blood on it and BAM Sexy ZOMBIE Nurse!
So get out there and creep out the living Zombies! Don't forget what vegan zombies eat..... GRAAAAAAAINS!

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