Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Group Costume Ideas for Halloween, Races, Burning Man, etc!

Group costumes get you lots of attention, are tons of fun and WIN costume contests. So gather up your buddies and use some of my group costume ideas to be the best dressed at your costume party, race or event!

Box Of Crayons
This idea was brought to my attention by my good friend Anthony who did it a few years back. It was definitely a crowd pleaser. The best part of this group costume is how easy it is and the color options will never end. Take your primary colors (Red, blue, yellow), add a few complimentary colors (green, purple, pink) and don't forget the shades (white, black, grey). Assign each friend a color and send them to their closets or a thrift store to find an outfit completely in that color. I know for a fact Walmart and Michael's craft stores have solid bright colored inexpensive t-shirts. You could even take a shirt with graphics on it and turn it inside out. After you find matching shirts and pants then make pointy hats for everyone. Using craft foam from Michaels you could easily make hats or even buy those mini road cones and then spray paint them. Like I said this group costume has unlimited options for colors so if you want to go for the Crayola 64 pack, go for it!

80's Prom
So easy for a group of guys and gals to head on over to the local Goodwill to find outdated formal attire or perhaps you still have some in the deep recesses of your very own closet. Think of all those unloved poofy sleeved bridesmaid dresses that need you to give them a second life! Then stop at the drug store for a can of Aquanet and a crimper. Add corsages and buteneers and Ta-Da! You are ready to dance to Flock of Seagulls and Depeche Mode all night. Don't forget to slow dance awkwardly at any party you go to. Request that they play a Richard Marx to really set the mood. Pose for ever picture in a prom photo type way.


Your and your friends are hot. Is a fact. You want to show off your long sexy legs in a way that will get you majorly noticed. I present to you the New York City Radio City Music Hall Rockettes!! Every girl I know who saw the Christmas Spectacular came home obsessed with forming a kick line. I believe Leg Venue sells a Santa Baby costume that will do quite nicely or you could go for the outfit from the Toy Soldier number. Remember to do your hair up the same and wear the exact same shade of lipstick. Perhaps there is a male friend of yours who would like to be Santa. Practice your kick line cause it's going to bring the house down!!
Deluxe Toy Soldier Costume

Jazzercise Class

Remember the exercise craze that totally took over in the 80s? Well you may not be old enough but this will be a fun one. Must haves: leg warmers or scrunch socks, head bands, big hair, leotards, spandex shorts, lots of eye makeup. If it is in the budget go to American Apparel. Their spandex section is out of control. See if you can find some pink 1 lbs weights or a Thigh Master. Designate the class leader and start warming up at the party. Bonus points if you can find a pair of L.A. Gears to wear. For inspiration watch the video for Eric Prydz's song Call on Me or the SNL digital short Body Fuzion.

Guys, I haven't forgotten about you! The hottest play on Broadway these days is The Book of Mormon. Such an easy group costume and funny cause they usually do travel in packs. Get a white dress shirt, tie, dorky backpack, name tag (Brother James, Brother Thaddius) and don't forget your trusty Book of Mormon.

I hope these ideas give you inspiration to do a group costume this year. Send me some picture with your results!
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