Monday, October 18, 2010

Dog Halloween Costumes by The Knitty Biddy

Got a dog? Do they enjoy dressing up for holidays? Of course not! But I know you get a kick out of it.

Your friend Kostume Girl has branched out into the wide wonderful world of Etsy. There are some of the best and worst handmade items available on the internet. Perhaps I should've worn this to be a Sexy Unicorn? I think not, but nice horn. Etsy lets skilled crafters and artist market themselves to a bigger audience. Do-It-Yourself kits are also available on Etsy which is great for the crafty and the crafty at heart.

However on to my point... knitting is another passion of mine. Visit my shop - The Knitty Biddy! You can find quality handmade dog sweaters and accessories and just in time for Hallloween, Count Dogula costumes.

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