Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Marathon

Oh my goodness! With Halloween being on a Sunday there are 3 days to party it up and I'm exhausted already! I'm only half way through the Halloween festivities but I must press on.
Friday and Saturday I was Sexy Praying Mantis. A LOT of people guessed it right... Success!
Here's a close up of my makeup.

Also learned that yellow face paint does not like to come off so much at the end of the night.
Back view of the gold booty shorts! Gotta take advantage of these costumes while I still have a firm little booty!

Today is the Edward Gorey Brunch and Dresden Dolls concert!. Hope I survive!!


  1. I'd love to know what material you used for the main part of your costume and the arm cuffs

  2. It was a stretchy neoprene type fabric I found in the garment district in NYC. Its yellow and green stretch fabric on the outside and foam in the middle!