Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sexy Cockroach Costume of Halloween 2006

Have you ever heard this complaint?
"Halloween is just an excuse for girls to go out dressed like sluts!"
Well to me a world with out sluttily dressed Halloween party goers is a world I don't want to be a part of. As far as I'm concerned it broadens the range of costumes you can see on a Halloween night. What girl wants to dress as a carrot? Not many. But what girl DOESN'T want to dress as a SEXY Carrot?

Which leads me to my Halloween costume of 2006:

Sexy Cockroach

I wanted to be something NYC but the Statue of Liberty seemed so played out. Why not dress as the vermin that NYC'ers hate the most? I started with a sexy brown colored outfit. Knee high boots with heels and a short skirt with brown tights. PERFECT!

Then I had to build huge antenna. I started with a headband, thick soldering wire and brown duct tape. Go Home Depot! I secured the wire to the headband, then wrapped strips of brown duct tape around it horizontally to make it look segmenty like a bug.
They were HUGE and pretty heavy. If I had to do it again I certainly would NOT use soldering wire.
The body is made with a large piece of brown textured upholstery fabric with foam on one side. I pretty much tortured my sewing machine with this thick fabric, but the foam is lightweight at least. The additional legs are brown tights (Thank goodness I work at a hosiery company) stuffed and then attached to cuff bracelets on my wrists.
I sewed brown elastic to the back piece and just wore it like a back pack. Not the easiest costume to use the restroom in, but it was fairly comfortable otherwise. I freaked my roommates out by skittering around the house like a roach and pretending to eat out of our garbage. They were not amused.

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